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Building the ARC (Professional Skills Inventory)

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DYNAMIC PAGE -- HIGHEST POSSIBLE CLASSIFICATION IS TOP SECRET // SI / TK // REL TO USA AUS CAN GBR NZL (U//FOUO) Building the ARC (Professional Skills Inventory) FROM: The DANCEHALL Team Unknown Run Date: 06/16/2003 (U) Despite the fact that the rain in Maryland has appeared to be endless at times recently, an upcoming activity in SID-- the "build the ARC"-- is actually unrelated to our soggy weather patterns! (U//FOUO) Beginning today, 16 June, the S2 workforce will be asked to start populating a database of skills, knowledge and abilities in support of the Intelligence Community's Analytic Resources Catalog (ARC). Our Director, Lt Gen Hayden, supports NSA's participation in this effort initiated by Mark Lowenthal, ADCI/AP (Assistant DCI for Analysis and Production). S2 will be the first organization to provide data to the ARC, but eventually all analysts throughout the NSA extended enterprise will be included in the database . (U//FOUO) The datacalls will be conducted by the DANCEHALL Team using a tool called the Cryptologic Volunteer Application (CVA). Simply entering data via CVA does not indicate, however, that an employee is volunteering for a new placement or will be subjected to an involuntary directed assignment solely on the basis of the skills information provided. Individuals who would like to be considered for a move should follow the procedures described in the Cryptologic Vacancy Application process to volunteer for a specific position. Likewise, we have the assurance of the ADCI/AP that the ARC will not be used to locate mission experts within individual Intelligence Community (IC) agencies for involuntary deployment. (U//FOUO) The DANCEHALL team will notify individual Product Lines when each is to begin participating in the inventory. At that time, all members of the product line will be provided with working aids and contact information for DANCEHALL team members, should additional assistance be required. The amount of time required varies depending on the breadth of target expertise, but it is estimated that an average of 30 minutes of mission time per person is required to complete the professional skills inventory. The accuracy, integrity, and thoroughness of your responses are essential to conveying an appropriate picture of mission health within NSA and the analytic capabilities of the IC. The ARC's mission areas for analytic expertise are aligned to the 30 new National Intelligence Priority Framework issues from NSPD-26. Because data collected on the expertise and experience of our workforce are also being applied to internal mission management processes, including the S2 mission posture and ongoing efforts to quantify and redress the JCS Intelligence Analysis Joint Monthly Readiness Review (JMRR) deficiency, the survey must be completed by 100% of the workforce. (U//FOUO) The Office of China and Korea (S2B) piloted the collection of data for the ARC in early 2003. Their participation resulted in many improvements to CVA. The pilot also benefitted S2B: DANCEHALL Team partners in Operations Research Modeling and Simulation will use the input data to provide S2B management with mathematical modeling for technical health assessments, gap analysis and resource optimization proposals. (U) The DANCEHALL team and ARC developers thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation. For further information, see the DANCEHALL homepage . If you have any questions, contact the DANCEHALL Team at "(U//FOUO) SIDtoday articles may not be republished or reposted outside NSANet without the consent of S0121 (DL sid comms)." DYNAMIC PAGE -- HIGHEST POSSIBLE CLASSIFICATION IS


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