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——The SidToday

SIDtoday is the internal newsletter for the NSA’s most important division, the Signals Intelligence Directorate. After editorial review, The Intercept is releasing nine years’ worth of newsletters in batches, starting with 2003. The agency’s spies explain a surprising amount about what they were doing, how they were doing it, and why.

Last Update — Sep 13 2017

Sloppy behavior by U.S. spies, NSA cooperation with Ethiopia, and a secret NSA joint facility in the U.K. are among the stories detailed in articles from the agency's internal news site SIDtoday and released today by The Intercept. The 294 documents, dating to the first half of 2005, also discuss successful efforts to crack the encryption of movies and music shared online, aggressive mass surveillance efforts in Iraq, details of reforms within British intelligence, and a wide variety of other highlights.

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