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SIDtoday is the internal newsletter for the NSA’s most important division, the Signals Intelligence Directorate. After editorial review, The Intercept is releasing nine years’ worth of newsletters in batches, starting with 2003. The agency’s spies explain a surprising amount about what they were doing, how they were doing it, and why.

Mar. 1 2018, 17:00 p.m.
The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK, partnered with The Intercept to help showcase a revelation from our sixth release of SIDtoday documents: the NSA and Norwegian intelligence secretly collaborated on a spy base near Oslo that harvests phone calls and emails from Norwegian citizens. The 297 documents in the release, from the last half of 2005, also give details on a shadowy, global intelligence-sharing alliance led by the NSA, heightened surveillance in the wake of the 2005 London bombings, how the NSA helped find personal porn stashes to use against detainees in Iraq -- and a diverse array of other highlights.

With this release, we've upgraded The SIDtoday Files with a full-text search of all 1,533 documents. You'll find the search tool on the main page, to the left under "Browse the Archive." Tag navigation has moved; click a tag under a document title to filter on that tag, either on the main page or in search results.

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Apr. 3 2008More INMARSAT Locations in Less Time with Increased Accuracy
Jul. 7 2006Norwegian-US Conference Held at Ft Meade and Colorado
Feb. 16 2006Assigning USSS Resources
Feb. 15 2006Apportionment of Strategic Efforts -- Our Plan of Attack
Feb. 9 2006Norway Gets FORNSAT Collection Capability On Par With NSA's
Dec. 30 2005Senior Executive or GS-15: What's the Difference? (repost)
Dec. 30 2005Acronyms Anonymous (repost)
Dec. 29 2005NSAer Investigates Computers Seized in Raids in Iraq (repost)
Dec. 29 2005Success Against al-Zarqawi's Group in Northern Iraq (repost)
Dec. 28 2005What Is a J-2? (repost)
Dec. 28 2005Write Right: Too Much Redundancy is Redundant (repost)
Dec. 27 2005NSA Tipoff Leads to Rescue of Serviceman in Afghanistan (repost)
Dec. 27 2005Job Offer from 'No Such Agency' (repost)
Dec. 23 2005Next Week: SID today's '2005 Highlights'
Dec. 23 2005Austrian Partner Receives Time-Sensitive Report in Total Team Effort
Dec. 22 2005Letter to the Editor: More Comments on Social Network Analysis
Dec. 22 2005Mission Assessment - Rating Our Performance
Dec. 22 2005Guidance from the SIGINT Director on Machine Room Management Procedures
Dec. 21 2005Touching the Future
Dec. 21 2005What We Can Learn from 'Play Station,' Grooming Leaders, and More: An Interview with REDACTED
Dec. 20 2005Turkey and the PKK
Dec. 20 2005Governance Videos Update
Dec. 20 2005Letter to the Editor: Can Only an 'Expert's Expert' Write SIGINT Assessments?
Dec. 19 2005Client Central -- The Place for Customer Relations Information
Dec. 19 2005Write Right: Still More on the Traffic Fairy
Dec. 19 2005Letters to the Editor: A Look Back at 9/11
Dec. 16 2005Mission Discernment - What's Tops on Our List?
Dec. 16 2005Letter to the Editor: The Leadership Center's Work With the 'Network of Networks' and SNA
Dec. 16 2005A Horse Is a Horse, Of Course, Of Course...?
Dec. 15 2005Can 'Motor City' Manufacture Some Arabic Language Assistance for NSA?
Dec. 15 2005Back in Time: The Day After 9/11
Dec. 15 2005SID's Policy on Operation SIGINT Access is Rescinded
Dec. 14 2005SIGINTers and GEOINTers Explore Ways to Collaborate
Dec. 14 2005Using an Intelligence Analysis Technique -- On Ourselves
Dec. 14 2005When the 'Traffic Fairy' Lets You Down
Dec. 13 2005Big 'A', Little 'p' -- A&P's Assessment Reports
Dec. 13 2005Letter to the Editor: About Skype...
Dec. 13 2005Losing Traffic and Wondering Why?
Dec. 9 2005Charlie Meals: Thoughts as Retirement Approaches
Dec. 9 2005'Top 5' SIDtoday Articles of November
Dec. 9 2005New SIGINT Feedback Form - Just in Time for the Holidays!
Dec. 8 2005Coming Soon to Mailboxes: New Government Travel Charge Cards
Dec. 8 2005SID Mailbag: SID and the Open Architecture Design
Dec. 8 2005Lessons-Learned Working Group VTC -- Today
Dec. 7 2005Inquiring Minds ... What Does Governance Mean?
Dec. 7 2005Retirement Open House for Charlie Meals
Dec. 7 2005Letter to the Editor: Succinct Memos of Yore
Dec. 6 2005Going After al-Qa'ida - All of It
Dec. 6 2005SINIO Seminar-- Russia: Power, Politics, and Foreign Policy
Dec. 6 2005Japanese SIGINT Organization Hosts Russian Analytic Conference
Dec. 5 2005What's Happening at NSA/CSS Hawaii
Dec. 5 2005META LION: A New PINWALE Search Engine for the Metadata Analyst
Dec. 4 2005Broadcast: MG Quirk's Chain-Training Presentation on Governance
Dec. 2 2005Contracting Lingo
Dec. 2 2005'Tis the Season! Another Ambassador Learns About NSA!
Dec. 1 2005Check Out the Video on Governance
Dec. 1 2005Thank You, Thank You Very Much!
Dec. 1 2005'Fun Travel' to a Top Secret Awards Ceremony
Nov. 30 2005NSAers Recognized with Denial & Deception Awards
Nov. 30 2005New NSA Foreign Affairs Corporate Board Kicks Off
Nov. 30 2005Restoration of Forfeited Annual Leave
Nov. 29 2005New Policy on Modeling and Simulation
Nov. 29 2005SID Mailbag: Need-to-Share vs Need-to-Know
Nov. 29 2005A Tough Targeting Challenge: Skype
Nov. 28 2005Senior ELINT Managers Visit Scandinavia
Nov. 24 2005Part III of Remembrance of NSA Thanksgivings Past...
Nov. 24 2005What a Wonderful Ride!
Nov. 23 2005SID Diversity Focus Sessions - Help Needed!
Nov. 23 2005Part II of Remembrance of NSA Thanksgivings Past...
Nov. 22 2005Invitation to the Language Keystone Award Ceremony
Nov. 22 2005US, Czech and Japanese -- All at the Same Table
Nov. 22 2005A Remembrance of NSA Thanksgivings Past...
Nov. 21 2005Bringing Governance to the USSS
Nov. 21 2005Tour of a Lifetime in Baghdad
Nov. 18 2005Learn How Our Adversaries 'Hide the Real, Show the False': Upcoming NCS Course
Nov. 18 2005Letter to the Editor: Please Don't Utilize That Word!
Nov. 18 2005Success Against al-Zarqawi's Group in Northern Iraq
Nov. 17 2005Thanksgiving Stories: Ever Have an 'Odd Duck' of a Holiday?
Nov. 17 2005OPSEC - Don't Forget About It!
Nov. 17 2005With NSA Help, Iraqi SIGINTers Make Great Strides
Nov. 16 2005SINIO Seminar: Turkey and EU Accession
Nov. 16 2005CBRN: How You Can Help Prevent the Unthinkable
Nov. 16 2005Drop and Give Me Five!
Nov. 15 2005Attend the Speech about 'Innovation on Demand'
Nov. 15 2005Have a Seat, Ambassador
Nov. 15 2005NSA's 'Oldest' Partnership -- A Debate
Nov. 14 2005Giving Thanks
Nov. 14 2005Acronyms Anonymous
Nov. 14 2005Thanksgiving Stories: Ever Have an 'Odd Duck' of a Holiday?
Nov. 10 2005November 11th: A Day Dedicated to Peace
Nov. 10 2005Expressing Thanks on Veterans Day
Nov. 10 2005Some Info on 'Compensatory Time Off for Travel'
Nov. 9 2005Brown Bag Session on the Network Knowledge Base
Nov. 9 2005Good Chemistry: NSA Hosts Largest-Ever International CBW Analyst Conference
Nov. 9 2005What's Happening at NSA/CSS Georgia
Nov. 8 2005What We're Hearing from Customers
Nov. 8 2005Collaboration on Target Templating? It Just Got Easier
Nov. 7 2005CT MMC Now Up and Working 24/7
Nov. 7 200521st Century Collaboration: The 'Venezuela Issues Community' Goes On-Line
Nov. 4 2005Be With You in a Sec -- I'm Reading the 'Top 5 SIDtoday Articles'!
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