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SIDtoday is the internal newsletter for the NSA’s most important division, the Signals Intelligence Directorate. After editorial review, The Intercept is releasing nine years’ worth of newsletters in batches, starting with 2003. The agency’s spies explain a surprising amount about what they were doing, how they were doing it, and why.

Aug. 15 2018, 18:00 p.m.
The Intercept's largest-ever SIDtoday release, with 328 documents, is published alongside stories about an NSA "worker bee" who was fed up with how corporate the agency had become and rallied other frustrated spies to his cause; about the NSA's environmentally-driven spying; and about some of the virtual private networks the agency cracked into, and why. Other highlights from this release, which covers the first half of 2006, touch on Iranian influence in Iraq, the attitudes of NSA staff toward the countries where they are stationed, and much more.

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Apr. 3 2008More INMARSAT Locations in Less Time with Increased Accuracy
Aug. 29 2007SID Around the World: Jumping Into Yorkshire's Village Life with Both Feet
Feb. 12 2007SID Around the World: Walking the Streets of Turkey
Dec. 28 2006SID Around the World: Life in... Central Maryland?? (repost)
Dec. 20 2006CPE Now Open to All
Dec. 14 2006Write Right: Loaded Words: Don't Politicize Reports
Dec. 8 2006CPE Soon Available to All
Oct. 26 2006Write Right: Where Does It Say I Can't?
Oct. 19 2006Where to Get CPE Help
Oct. 11 2006CPE Online Training Now Available
Oct. 3 2006CPE Update: Check CPE Web Page for Schedule Updates
Sep. 29 2006Branch Managers' Responsibilities for SOD-CPE Rollout
Sep. 25 2006Write Right: Breaking an Old Reporter's Heart
Sep. 21 2006Rollout Schedule for SOD-CPE
Sep. 13 2006CPE Not Mandatory for All Reporters
Sep. 13 2006SID Around the World: Life in... Central Maryland??
Sep. 5 2006CPE Delayed, But Improved
Aug. 21 2006Write Right: Seven Things Not To Do in a SIGINT Report
Aug. 18 2006The IAI: 35 Years and Going Strong
Aug. 4 2006NSA's Women in Mathematics Society Continues to Thrive
Jul. 27 2006Write Right: Caveat Scrutator (Or, 'But I Saw It on the Internet!')
Jul. 21 2006The KRYPTOS Society Is No Mystery
Jul. 7 2006Norwegian-US Conference Held at Ft Meade and Colorado
Jun. 30 2006The Crypto-Mathematics Institute Adds Up
Jun. 30 2006Austrians Propose New Areas of Cooperation
Jun. 29 2006The Special Operations Command Forms New Task Force to Find Terrorists
Jun. 29 2006Reservist SIGINTers Pitching In From Sites Across the Country
Jun. 28 2006What Fourth of July Was Most Memorable for You?
Jun. 28 2006Do's and Don'ts of Deploying
Jun. 28 2006SIGDEV Training Roadmap Now Available
Jun. 27 2006The New and Ever-Expanding Mil-to-Mil With Romania
Jun. 27 2006Motivating 'Benched' Language Students
Jun. 26 2006Brown Bag Session: Open Source Enriches SIGINT - A SIGDEV Perspective
Jun. 23 2006Do You Enjoy Languages? Check Out the CLA
Jun. 23 2006Presentation: 'The Immune System: How We Respond to External Threats'
Jun. 22 2006New GLAIVE (HF Collection System) Course Is Accredited
Jun. 22 2006South Korean SIGINT Agency Turns 50; Major Source of Collection on NK
Jun. 22 2006SINIO Seminar: Eurasia's Frozen Conflicts - Glacial Remnants of the Cold War
Jun. 21 2006Attention All Program Managers, Developers, and Website, Application and Database Owners:
Jun. 21 2006Coming Next Week: Brown Bag Sessions on Knowledge Sharing
Jun. 20 2006SIGINT Relationship With Spain To Be Modified
Jun. 20 2006Deep in the Heart of Texas with Cindy Farkus and 'Party'
Jun. 19 2006SIGDEV (SSG) Hosts Agency's Largest Conference!
Jun. 19 2006The Human Resources Management Association Gets New Lease on Life
Jun. 16 2006Basque Separatist Ceasefire Has Little Impact on SIGINT Relationship With Spain
Jun. 16 2006Catch of the Day: Abu Mu'sab al-Zarqawi and Friends
Jun. 15 2006Collection Survey Closes Intelligence Gaps in Pakistan
Jun. 14 2006Governing Data Flow: A Collaborative Solution
Jun. 14 2006SINIO Seminar: An Overview of Strategic Warning
Jun. 14 2006Flying Linguists Pose as Russian Defectors
Jun. 13 2006NSA and Department of Justice -- True Partners in Crime (well, against crime)
Jun. 13 2006SID Office Wins Prestigious Safety and Health Award
Jun. 12 2006Deputy Director of NSA Visits Menwith Hill Station
Jun. 12 2006What Does a Chief of Staff Do? And What Change Would Improve the Agency? -- An Interview With [NAME REDACTED]
Jun. 9 2006Open Source Signals Analysis: Not Your Grandfather's SIGINT!
Jun. 8 2006SINIO Seminar: Leftist Groups in Latin America
Jun. 8 2006My Comment
Jun. 8 2006Committees: Are Your 'Papers' in Order?
Jun. 7 2006Comments on COMMENTs -- Analysts Weigh In
Jun. 7 2006'Top 5' SIDtoday Articles of May
Jun. 7 2006Texas SIGINTers Honored by Director's Trophy
Jun. 6 2006NSA's Foreign Partnerships: How Are They Classified?
Jun. 6 2006White House Recruitment Event -- Tomorrow
Jun. 6 2006SINIO Seminar: Fire and Ice -- A Discussion on Climate Change
Jun. 5 2006Web Surfers: Are You Entangled? We Can Help You Get Untangled!
Jun. 5 2006NSA Intelink Blog Boosts Info-Sharing
Jun. 5 2006What's It Take To Be an IA? Please Voice Your Opinion
Jun. 2 2006NGA-Sponsored Events To Be Held Next Week
Jun. 2 2006New Registration Method for NETW and NETO Classes
Jun. 2 2006SIGINTers Become Mock Terrorists
Jun. 1 2006Scheduled for Today: A&P; Analytic Showcase on 'Using Renoir'
Jun. 1 2006The March 11 Train Bombings in Madrid -- Two Years Later
Jun. 1 2006What Is a FOIA Request? And Why Is S02L3 Always Bugging Us?
May. 31 2006A Firsthand View of Pakistan and Its SIGINTers
May. 31 2006New SID Directive: Providing SIGINT Technology to Non-SIGINT Elements
May. 31 2006Letter to the Editor: Linguists Needed for GWOT 'Microlects'
May. 30 2006International Incident Avoided, Thanks to Intelligence
May. 30 2006Deployment of New System Improves Access to Iranian Communications
May. 26 2006An Intern Learns That Customers Do Value SIGINT
May. 26 2006Special Advisor to the V.P. Meets With NSAers, Praises SIGINT
May. 26 2006CPE Rollout Delayed
May. 25 2006Collaboration Tool Is Used to Set Up Collection at Distant Site
May. 25 2006SINIO Seminar: An Overview of Iran's Nuclear Program
May. 24 2006Back in Time: Who Remembers the FRAC?
May. 23 2006Diversity Climate Study Is Posted
May. 23 2006SCS Baghdad Teams With Brits to Help Free Hostages
May. 22 2006German, NSA SIGINTers Share DNI Processing Knowledge
May. 22 2006My Four-Month Tour in Korea
May. 22 2006Counterterrorism Production Center Job Fair
May. 19 2006CSRC Holds Extended Enterprise Summit
May. 19 2006New 'Profile-Based' Target Discovery Tool Shows Promise
May. 19 2006How the 'Accommodation Buy' Process Came To Be
May. 18 2006Seeing the Iraqi SIGINT Element In Action
May. 18 2006Write Right: Is That Collateral, or Is It a Comment?
May. 18 2006SINIO Seminar: Turkey and the Kurds
May. 17 2006SID Celebrates Armed Forces Week
May. 17 2006The International Security Issues Build-Out
May. 16 2006Will You Be Authoring Reports on CPE? Here Are the User Requirements
May. 16 2006Economic Reporting Strives to Interdict the Flow of 'Improvised Explosive Device' Components
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