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FAIRVIEW and STORMBREW: 'Live' - On the Net

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DYNAMIC PAGE -- HIGHEST POSSIBLE CLASSIFICATION IS TOP SECRET // SI / TK // REL TO USA AUS CAN GBR NZL (S//SI) FAIRVIEW and STORMBREW: 'Live' - On the Net FROM: and Special Source Operations (S332) Run Date: 11/19/2003 (TS//SI) Two special source collection programs - S332's FAIRVIEW and STORMBREW - are producing SIGINT successes by "living on the global intelligent network." In September of this year, FAIRVIEW quietly turned on a new DNI (Digital Network Intelligence) collection capability that quickly proved a valuable source of intelligence: A&P;'s Office of Proliferation and Arms Control (S2G21) issued the first SIGINT product report sourced from this new access on September 24. Then, less than a month later, the first E-series product report (extremely sensitive serialized reports sent to a limited audience) was issued by International Security Issues, (S2C21). Many other offices now use this collection, as well - the FAIRVIEW DNI access is extremely high-volume and delivers a very broad target set covering all SIGINT product lines. For example, the initial deployment of the FAIRVIEW DNI access, for e-mail only, is now forwarding more than one million emails a day to the keyword selection system at NSAW. (TS//SI) STORMBREW has a complementary large-scale DNI collection effort (covername PERFECTSTORM) that is just about ready for prime time. As the large-scale effort was being developed, STORMBREW deployed several QRC (Quick Reaction Capability) collection systems that have yielded critical intelligence supporting the Global War on Terrorism. STORMBREW engineers then worked with FAIRVIEW engineers to transfer this collection architecture to FAIRVIEW. Recently, FAIRVIEW identified the "other side" of one of the STORMBREW QRC links, and was able to use the same collection architecture to rapidly put this new link on cover. This type of complementary access provides the A&P; analysts with more complete coverage of their target. In addition, STORMBREW and FAIRVIEW personnel worked side-by-side with CES personnel to add Voice over IP processing capabilities to both of these accesses to further exploit the targets' communications. (TS//SI) In addition to email, FAIRVIEW and STORMBREW are also collecting metadata, or data about the network and the communications it carries. For September 2003 alone, FAIRVIEW captured several trillion metadata records - of which more than 400 billion were selected for downstream processing or storage. This metadata will be used to enable the surgical collection of much smaller amounts of target-rich data - which should extend beyond FAIRVIEW and STORMBREW to many other DNI accesses across NSA. This metadata is flowing to MAINWAY (contact chaining database) today, and a major interface to the Knowledge System Prototype (KSP) is only days away from its operational debut. Both the STORMBREW and FAIRVIEW teams are working closely with the Network Analysis Center, the Collection Strategies and Requirements Center, and analysts throughout A&P; to foster metadata exploitation, focus the access, improve the selectors and filters, and hunt for targets within the access. This collaborative process is the foundation for SIGINT success on the Net. (TS//SI) FAIRVIEW and STORMBREW also provide other major international accesses that support all A&P; SIGINT product lines. In a recent complementary modernization effort, the FAIRVIEW and STORMBREW programs quadrupled SIGINT production from these circuitswitched accesses, only a few months after implementation. As the FAIRVIEW and STORMBREW programs continue to expand their "live" presence on the global net, we are expecting even greater insight into the net itself, and the communications of our targets, resulting in similar SIGINT production gains from these packet-switched accesses. "(U//FOUO) SIDtoday articles may not be republished or reposted outside NSANet without the consent of S0121 (DL sid comms)."


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