The SIDtoday Files is where The Intercept will be releasing articles from SIDtoday, an internal publication of the National Security Agency. The articles are written in accessible, non-technical language and offer a window into the NSA’s culture and operations. They originate from within the Signals Intelligence Directorate, or SID, the NSA’s core spying division, and were provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

We’ll be releasing these files in large batches, starting with articles from the period after SIDtoday’s inception in March 2003. The articles will be subjected to editorial evaluation, legal review, research, reporting, and redaction, described in this overview. They will be accompanied by related Intercept news articles when appropriate.

While we have focused on the parts of these documents we find most compelling, we anticipate readers will find other information of interest in the files we are sharing. If you see something interesting you’d like to share with us, please reach out as described below.

Contact Us

Please contact Micah Lee or Margot Williams using their email addresses and, optionally, their PGP keys. To contact The Intercept anonymously, please follow these instructions.


The SIDtoday Files was produced by a core team at First Look Media Works, led by The Intercept’s Technology Analyst Micah Lee and Research Editor for Investigations Margot Williams.

Project contributors include Research Editor Alleen Brown, Associate Editor Andrea Jones, Archivist Talya Cooper, Editorial Assistant Miriam Pensack, Design Director Stéphane Elbaz, Software Engineer Raby Yuson, Senior Software Engineer Akil Harris, Senior Software Engineer Joshua Thayer, and Product Technology Lead Tom Conroy.

Project oversight was provided by The Intercept’s Deputy Editor Ryan Tate, Research Director Lynn Dombek, General Counsel Lynn Oberlander and Editor-in-Chief Betsy Reed.

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