Bernie Sanders won an overwhelming victory in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary, capturing nearly every demographic group and 60 percent of the vote. The insurgent democratic socialist from Vermont, however, was not celebrated in some quarters of Washington, D.C., as a number of lobbyists and business political consultants took to Twitter to complain.

Tony Fratto, the co-founder of Hamilton Place Strategies, a political consulting firm that has previously represented a variety of Wall Street interests including recent work to promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement on behalf of large corporations, tweeted in disapproval of Sanders’ rhetoric against the excesses of Wall Street:

Alex Castellanos, a co-founder of lobbying and consulting firm Purple Strategies and executive with National Media, a political media agency that works with Super PACs and industry groups to develop advertising, disparaged Sanders’ victory speech as an “anti-American rant”:

John Feehery, a lobbyist for AT&T, Sony, Qualcomm, and Zurich Financial Services, among others, tweeted:

Rory Cooper, a managing director at Purple Strategies, was somewhat apocalyptic in his reaction:

Jason Boxt, who runs the research division for the Glover Park Group, a lobbying
and public relations firm, advised restraint:

CR Wooters, a Democratic lobbyist at the firm Mehlman Castagnetti, had sympathy for the night’s biggest losers: