American Mythology: The Presidency of Donald Trump (Part Six: The Looting of the Nation)

Intercepted — Oct. 21

Donald Trump has run the White House like his family business with one primary aim: to enrich his brand, his family and his cronies. In part six of American Mythology, we examine how Trump and the GOP — at times…

In Eric Branstad, The Trump Administration Has Its Own Hunter Biden Problem

Deconstructed — Oct. 16

When President Trump abruptly reversed an order penalizing the Chinese telecom company ZTE for selling to North Korea and Iran in 2018, it confused almost everyone. Why was the get-tough-on-China-president suddenly caving to their demands? As The Intercept’s Lee Fang…

BONUS: Courtney's Book Bag

Somebody — Sep. 29

The team shares a major development in the case. Shapearl keeps busy with the Courtney Copeland Memorial Foundation's annual book bag giveaway (www.copelandmemorial.com), as Alison…

Introducing: Behind the Police an iHeartRadio Original Podcast

Somebody — Jun. 20

How did American police get so violent? The answer to that question goes back centuries, to the earliest days of this nation. On this special podcast miniseries hosts journalist, Robert Evans and rap artist, Propaganda (Jason Petty) draw a straight…

BONUS: "Democracy in the Streets," a Conversation with Shapearl Wells and Jamie Kalven

Somebody — Jun. 12

Shapearl and Jamie sit down to talk about the uprising for Black lives happening in Chicago and around the nation, and their hope that this moment might translate to great positive change. A co-production of Topic Studios, The Intercept, the…

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