Special Investigations


Death and Dereliction

Barry Jones Is Spending Another Holiday Season on Death Row. Could It Be His Last?

At an upcoming settlement conference in federal court, lawyers for Jones will try to negotiate an end to his long legal saga.

In U.S. Military, Sexual Assault Against Men Is Vastly Underreported

An average of 45 male service members are sexually assaulted every day, according to Pentagon statistics. As with women, shame and stigma suppress the truth.

A Special Prosecutor Found Kevin Johnson’s Case Was Tainted by Racism. Missouri Is About to Kill Him Anyway.

Kevin Johnson is facing execution for killing a cop when he was 19. A special prosecutor says his sentence should be vacated.

A Criminal Ratted Out His Friend to the FBI. Now He’s Trying to Make Amends.

The FBI paid a convicted sex offender $90,000 to set up his friend and his friend’s mentally ill buddy in a terrorism sting.

Special Feature

Snowden Archive: The SidToday Files

SIDtoday is the internal newsletter for the NSA’s most important division, the Signals Intelligence Directorate. The Intercept released four years’ worth of newsletters in batches, starting with 2003, after editorial review.


Losing Afghanistan

The Evacuation of the CIA’s Afghan Proxies Has Opened One of the War’s Blackest Boxes

Former Zero Unit members are facing a reversal of fortune that is humiliating, infuriating, and utterly intractable.

The War on Immigrants

Was the Killing of a Migrant by a Former ICE Warden a Hate Crime or a Terrible Accident?

At Fivemile Tank, a watering hole in the bleak desert of West Texas, two men pulled up in a truck. One aimed a gun into the brush.

Staring Down the Execution Chamber at 76, Murray Hooper Still Says He’s Innocent

Some of his co-defendants were exonerated. Others died behind bars. Of four death sentences, only Hooper’s remains. Now he’s up for execution.


Experimenting With Disaster

Lab That Created Risky Avian Flu Had “Unacceptable” Biosafety Protocols

Documents obtained by The Intercept reveal disturbing biosafety lapses and troubling gaps in oversight by government agencies.