Special Investigations


Playing With Fire

After 30 Years Insisting on His Innocence, Claude Garrett Is Free

Having twice convicted Garrett for setting a fatal fire in 1992, the Nashville DA’s office dropped the charges against him, facilitating his release.


The Iran Cables

How a Virginia Businesswoman Escaped Her Kidnappers in Iraq — and Later Returned to Finish Her Work

Sara Miran went to Basra to oversee a real estate project. An Iranian-backed militia grabbed her and demanded $2 million.

Conscription Into Revolutionary Guards Haunts Iranian Dual Nationals Decades Later

The designation of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a terror group hangs over nuclear talks — and the lives of countless former draftees.


EPA Exposed

Internal EPA Report Describes “Incredibly Toxic Work Environment” in New Chemicals Division

A survey commissioned by the EPA describes the New Chemicals Division as a workplace rife with industry influence and abusive mismanagement.

Special Feature

Snowden Archive: The SidToday Files

SIDtoday is the internal newsletter for the NSA’s most important division, the Signals Intelligence Directorate. The Intercept released four years’ worth of newsletters in batches, starting with 2003, after editorial review.

A Drug War Activist Turned to Civil Commitment for Help — and Found a Civil Liberties Nightmare

Overwhelmed with opioid overdoses, many states loosened their laws on involuntary institutionalization to sweep in more people with substance use disorders.

A Bogus Bite Mark Sent Him to Prison for Murder. Alabama Wants to Keep Him There.

A famed forensic dentist recanted his testimony against Charles McCrory. He may die in prison anyway.

Oath Keepers Leader Stewart Rhodes Has Made His Worst Fears Come True

To Donald Trump, Rhodes says, the Oath Keepers are “nothing. Cannon fodder.”

The War on Immigrants

A Pastor’s Legal Fight Against CBP Exposes a Reckless Surveillance Operation

Kaji Dousa’s lawsuit identified the CBP officials who blacklisted activists and journalists under Trump — and uncovered a web of lies and inconsistencies.