Special Investigations

The 9/11 Wars

The U.S. Military Often Kills Civilians — and Rarely Offers Compensation

A U.S. drone strike killed a family in Kabul — but the military rarely provides compensation when it harms civilians.


EPA Exposed

New Evidence of Corruption at EPA Chemicals Division

EPA whistleblowers have provided evidence that agency officials avoided calculating the health risks posed by hundreds of new chemicals.


Policing the Pipeline

Oil Company Official Overseeing Crackdown on Pipeline Resistance Cut Teeth at Amazon and Exxon

In the small world of corporate security, officials like Enbridge’s Troy Kirby take counterinsurgency practices from one megacompany to another.

The 9/11 Wars

An FBI Informant’s Unlikely Role in Upcoming Supreme Court Case on Surveillance of Muslims

Craig Monteilh’s affidavit is central to one of the most significant legal challenges to the FBI’s post-9/11 surveillance of Muslims.

Special Feature

Snowden Archive: The SidToday Files

SIDtoday is the internal newsletter for the NSA’s most important division, the Signals Intelligence Directorate. The Intercept released four years’ worth of newsletters in batches, starting with 2003, after editorial review.

The 9/11 Wars

How Post-9/11 Visions of an Imperiled Homeland Supercharged U.S. Immigration Enforcement

Two decades on, the creation of DHS stands out as the most significant domestic consequence of the war on terror.

The 9/11 Wars

Their Fathers Were Caught in the 9/11 Dragnet. Guantánamo Came to Define Their Lives.

The sons of two Guantánamo detainees speak about getting to know their fathers through sporadic calls and Google searches about the war on terror.

The 9/11 Wars

The Forever Wars Are Coming Home

If the people on the other side are extremists and terrorists, the sins of your own side can almost always be rationalized.

Joe Manchin’s Dirty Empire

Manchin’s claim that climate pollution would be worsened by the elimination of fossil fuels is highly dubious, if not outright false. What would unquestionably be impacted is his personal wealth.