Amid a tense battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders over competing visions for health care, a leading Wall Street analyst has put out a report saying that Clinton would be the best candidate for health care investors.

In a report titled “Healthcare: Our 2016 Outlook,”Jeffrey Loo of S&P Capital’s IQ Healthcare Equity Research writes that Clinton should be the preferred choice for the industry because she will preserve the Affordable Care Act and be unable to pass meaningful drug reform legislation:

Overall, we believe the best scenario for healthcare investors is a Democrat, presumably Hillary Clinton, winning the Presidency, as we anticipate the Republicans retaining control of Congress. In this scenario, in spite of Clinton’s numerous “threats” to rein in drug prices, allowing the re-importation of drugs, and allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, we believe it is highly unlikely Clinton will be able to pass these initiatives through a Republican controlled Congress. Conversely, the Republicans’ efforts to repeal Healthcare Reform, would be thwarted by a Clinton veto as we do not anticipate the Republican obtaining the 2/3 votes to override a veto.

The report makes clear that it views the gridlock created by a Clinton administration paired with a GOP Congress as the rosiest picture for the health care industry.

Clinton has frequently boasted about her record during the 1990s. “I fought really hard,”she said at a Democratic town hall earlier this month. “The insurance companies and the drug companies spent millions against me. I know what it’s like to go up against the status quo and special interests.”

But now, it appears, they’re rooting for her.