THE HILLARY CLINTON campaign is calling the Bernie Sanders campaign’s request for a debate in New York before its primary a “stunt” by a “struggling campaign” — but eight years ago, Clinton was taunting her opponent Barack Obama for not being tough enough “to debate anytime, anywhere.

In late April 2008, Clinton called for a 90-minute, “Lincoln-Douglas”-style debate with Obama. This was after the Democratic candidates had faced each other in 26 debates — far outnumbering the eight debates that Sanders and Clinton have had this election season.

“Honestly, I just believe that this is the most important job in the world, it’s the toughest job in the world, you should be willing to campaign for every vote, you should be willing to debate anytime, anywhere,” she told the Sioux Falls Argus Leader a few weeks later, as she defended staying in the race. Watch it:


In April 2008, about 130 pledged delegates separated Clinton and Obama. Today, 268 pledged delegates separate the two Democratic candidates. There are still 2,049 delegates up for grabs.