Antonio Sabato Jr., who will speak at the Republican National Convention next week at the invitation of Donald Trump, frequently bashes Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Twitter. Last month, he said that Clinton and Obama should be sent to Guantánamo.

The Italian immigrant became prominent in the 1990s as a Calvin Klein model, Janet Jackson backup dancer, and actor on the soap opera General Hospital. He starred in a reality show called My Antonio, where women competed to become his girlfriend (his ex-wife, whom he had divorced 16 years prior, came in third place).

Today he spends his time at shooting ranges, on talk shows, dancing at Chippendale’s in Las Vegas — and cheering for Trump.

In January, Sabato appeared in a photo with Trump, posting on Instagram: “Our next president !! Back you up pal anytime anywhere.” He endorsed the presidential hopeful on Fox News in April. He recently asked for a job in the White House.

Sabato frequently calls for Hillary Clinton to be sent to prison, citing controversies around Benghazi and her private email server.