Pride and Protest on Display as Mexico City Marches Against Donald Trump

Thousands gathered on Sunday in a “Respect for Mexico” march denouncing Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda and celebrating their Mexican heritage.

Crowds participate in The Citizen's March for the Respect of Mexico (la Marcha Ciudadana por el Respeto para México), a peaceful protest to both celebrate the pride of being Mexican, and to "defend Mexico and Mexicans against the threats of the Trump government." This is Ryan Christopher Jones (@ryanchristopherjones), a New York-based photographer sharing scenes from Mexico City during Sunday's march. Photo: Ryan Christopher Jones for The Intercept

Thousands gathered in Mexico on Sunday in a “Respect for Mexico” march denouncing President Donald Trump’s Mexico agenda and celebrating their Mexican heritage. The peaceful protest, organized by Vibra Mexico, started at the National Auditorium in Mexico City and ended with demonstrators singing the national anthem at the Angel of Independence monument. In an executive order signed during the first week of his presidency, in keeping with his repeated statements on Twitter and in speeches, Trump called for “the immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border.”

Ryan Christopher Jones, a New York-based photographer, shared scenes from Mexico City during the march on Instagram for The Intercept.

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