Updates to Our Comment Platform

In less than two months since launching our new comment platform, we have accumulated over 10,000 comments from more than 2,000 registered users.

In December, we launched a new comment platform in partnership with the Coral Project from Mozilla. In less than two months, we have accumulated over 10,000 comments from more than 2,000 registered users. Our dedicated audience has built an amazing comment community, and we’re extremely grateful to those who have reached out to us with feature requests and bug reports.

As we continue to upgrade our comment platform, we plan to keep you updated on the bugs we’ve quashed and new features we’ve added. Here’s a list of new changes since launch:

  1. Upgrade Talk platform from 3.61. to 3.9.x
  2. Added mute functionality, so users can effectively ignore unwanted commenters. Simply click a username and select “Ignore.” You can adjust which users you have muted in My Profile.
  3. Adjusted the sign-up language to make it more clear
  4. Commenters can now see when they’ve “respected” a comment
  5. Several styling updates
  6. Fixed a bug for users on outdated browsers that hid usernames. Please note that we test against the most recent version of all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge) but can not guarantee our comment platform will retain its functionality in outdated browsers.
  7. Deeper nesting for comment replies to make it easier to determine who commenters are responding to

We are aware many users would like to have the option to display all comments at once, rather than having to repeatedly click “show more comments” each time they load the page. We’re working with the Coral Project to find a solution and will update you soon.

What has your experience been like on our new comment platform? Any new features you’d like to see? Bugs to report? Let us know by responding (where else?) in the comments. Our head of audience Rubina Fillion, our product manager LJ, and I, lead moderator, will respond to your questions. The comment section for this page will remain open indefinitely.

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