Four months after we launched our new comment platform, our community continues to grow. As of today. we have about 4,400 registered commenters who have left more than 40,000 comments.

We are pleased to report that with our latest release, the days of tediously clicking “show more comments” are over! All comments on an article will now be displayed upon loading the comment section, up to 300. If an article receives more than 300 comments, users will only have to click “show more comments” once to view the rest.

Another small update you may have noticed is the new draft comments feature. When users type comments and switch tabs or refresh the page, their draft will be saved. We hope this makes your life a little easier.

Keep checking back for updates to our comment software. A couple exciting new features in the works: rich text and email notifications.

What has your experience been like on our new comment platform? Any new features you’d like to see? Bugs to report? Let us know by responding (where else?) in the comments. Our head of audience Rubina Fillion, our product manager LJ, and I, lead moderator, will respond to your questions. The comment section for this page will remain open indefinitely.