As promised, we are rolling out a couple new exciting features to our comment platform. You’ll notice that users now have the option to bold text as well as use block quotes to show when you’re referencing someone else. This should give your comments some visual variety, making it easier for others to know when you want to emphasize certain words or quote someone while making clear you’re not saying it yourself.

Want to keep up with replies without having to meticulously search through old comment streams? Introducing email notifications, a simple way to keep up with your conversations. To opt-in to email notifications, click the “My Profile” tab located above the comment box, then click “Settings.” You have the option to receive an email every time someone replies to you or receive a daily digest of all your replies from the day. You can also choose to be notified when someone from The Intercept’s staff responds to you. This feature only works if you signed up with a real, verified email address.

One more feature that you will hopefully never come across: spam detection. Users who try to post spam, or comments that may appear to be spam, will see a notification that the spam-detection software has been triggered. They will have the option to edit the comment or submit it anyway for moderator review. Moderators will have to approve the comment before it is posted to the site. If you want to learn how to EARN $$$ fast wørking pårt-†ime ºn †hé iñternét, you’ll have to do that somewhere else.

What has your experience been like on our new comment platform? Any new features you’d like to see? Bugs to report? Let us know by responding (where else?) in the comments. Our head of audience Rubina Fillion, our product manager LJ, and I, lead moderator, will respond to your questions. The comment section for this page will remain open indefinitely.

For information on previous releases, you can read more here and here.