American ISIS Podcast Credits

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American ISIS is an Audible Original. Produced by The Intercept, Topic Studios, and Western Sound.

Reported, Hosted, and Created by
Trevor Aaronson

Executive Producers, Topic Studios
Maria Zuckerman and Christy Gressman

Executive Producer, Western Sound
Ben Adair

Executive Producers, Audible
Andrew Eisenman and Ann Heppermann

Editor-in-chief, The Intercept
Betsy Reed

Story Editor
Vanessa Gezari

Margot Williams, Mariam Elba, Houssam Hariri

Dwayne Lutchna, Jordan Achilli, Johnny Lyon, Greg Boone

Alex MacInnis

Original Music
Dan Leone

Production Assistant
Sabrina Fang

Post Production, Topic Studios
Olivia Marsh

Legal Counsel
David Bralow and Julie Wolf

Special thanks to Leital Molad, Adam Cecil, and Laura Flynn.

Acquisition and Development
Stella McGrotha

Vice President of Audible Studios
Mike Charzuk

Editor-in-chief, Audible Original Publishing
David Blum

Copyright 2021 by First Look Media Works, Inc.

Sound recording copyright 2020 by Audible Originals, LLC.