NSA Phishing Tactics and Man in the Middle Attacks

Mar. 12 2014 — 1:00p.m.


TOP SECRET//COMINT//NOFORN FOXACID these days... o XSS is becoming less and less viable with each passing day. It's just too hard to develop and too easy to circumvent. Because of this (and other technical/OPSEC issues), the bulk spam mission is becoming less and less viable as well. o The new exploit hotness is Quantum. Certain Quantum missions have a success rate as high as 80%, where spam is less than 1%. o So, as spam and in-line XSS slowly fade away, the new exploit development push is for those utilizing MitM or MotS capabilities, as well as many other very unique techniques. o Bottom line - if we can get the target to visit us in some sort of web browser, we can probably own them. The only limitation is the "how". TOP SECRET//COMINT//NOFORN

WILLOWVIXEN WILLOWVIXEN is a technique that permits exploitation by having the target browse to a website by clicking on a link in an email that we sent. The WILLOWVIXEN server receives the contact from the target and performs a redirection. WILLOWVIXEN Intended Site

SECONDDATE - SECONDDATE is an exploitation technique that takes advantage of web--based protocols and 1r1an--in-the--1niddle (MitM) positioning. - SECONDDATE influences real--time communications between client and server and can quietly redirect web--browsers to FA servers for individual client exploitation. - This allows mass exploitation potential for clients passing through network choke points, but is configurable to provide surgical target selection as well.

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