There Is More Than One Way to Quantum

Mar. 12 2014 — 1:00p.m.


TOP use, |=vE'r (U) There is More Than One Way to QUANTUM Description Inception Status Dperational Success Date CNE QUANTUMINSERT Men-en-the-Side technique 2005 erational Hi hl Successful I Briefiv hi--jacks connections to a terrorist web site {In 2010, 300 TAD implants were I Re--directs the target to a TAD server IFDKACIDJ for deplored Vie implan tatifln targets dmatwere un-exploitable by any odmer meats] QUANTUMBDT Tekee Centre' fliidle l'-'Ute Aug Operational Highly Successful I Finds computers belonging to botnets, and hijacks the lover 140,000 bots co-opted] command and control channel QUANTUMBISCUIT men-en-the-Side technique Dec 200? Operational Limited success at NSAW Dfexploltatlo" clue to high latency on passive I Motivated by the need to Ql targets that are behind large access proxies, lack predictable source addresses, and have |:I3cHi1uees technique for B09imfcNE insufficient unique web activity. QUANTUMDN5 I DNS injectionfredirection based off offli Record queries. Dec Operatignal 5ugge55fu| I Targets single hosts or caching name servers. {High priority target explnitedl QUJQNTUMHAND Exploits the computer ofa target who uses Facebook 2010 [jpera-[ign3| 5ugge55fu| Hijaclcs anv IF on passive coverage to use as covert Oct 2010 Tested MIA infrastructure. Denies access to a webpage through HST packet spoofing. 2004 Operational success-fu| File downloadfupload disruption and corruption. Dee 2003 Live Tee-ted MIA QUANTUMSMACKDUWN Fevents target from downloading implants to computers while Oct Live Tested MIA capturing malicious pavload for analysis. HSWREL TS TOP SECRETIICUMINTIIREL USA, FVEY 1

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