Full-Spectrum Cyber Effects

Apr. 4 2014 — 10:17p.m.


UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 GCHQ Fu||?Spectrum Cyber Effects ?ti 2 Head of JTRIG SD Effects Lead II tetli-gun. namm. Emm. SIGINT Development as an enabler for ?Effects? mission This; i11fa1'1natim1 is?; exempt u11+:lc1' the nfI11f'n1'111atin11 :3u:t (FDIAJ and 1'I'lE'l}' be u11+:Ic1' other UK lcgistlatimt. Refer tn GCI-IQ

Destroy Deny Degrade Disrupt Deceive Protect Computer Network Attack (CNA) Computer Network Information Operations (CNIO) Disruption This inf'o1'|natio11 is exempt the Fn=:edom of'I11f'o1'mt1tion Act and 111211,? be Eli?l?pl ?lh?l? UK i11f'o1'matio11 legislatioti. to GCHQ 0?

UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 :ttects in (ccno - Definition: having an impact in the real world - Key deliverersz JTRIG and CNE - Now major part of business 5% of Operations - Across all target types - Continuous innovation of new tools and techniques This; iut'e1'matie11 is -Eli?lil under the Freedem ef'I11f'e1'n11tie11 Fuel E?flifl and lTlEl}' he under ether UK i11t'e1'n11tien legislatietl. Refer queries; te nu nr?

UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 CNIO Computer Network Information Operations - Propaganda - Deception - Mass messaging - Pushing stories - Alias development facebookl - f|iCkr? You This; i11f:J1'1ne1t'1n11 is?; eznzelrpt under Act Z?flfl and 111213,: be under other UK i11fn1'1mtin11 legisleltinll. Refer 2111),: FDIA que1'ie5; to GCHQ

UK TOP SECRET STHAP1 Disruption CNA - Masquerades - Spoofing - Denial of service Phones Emails Computers Faxes This information is?; oxonpt nndor tho Freedom of Act E?fifi and may ho under other UK logisaintion. Rofor any FDIA qnoriosa to GCHQ nn?nr?

UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 lndiuidualfEnterprise Low Impact pyz. EFFECTS On-untry wide High impact WiFi DOS Internet Routing This infarmatiun is n:xv:11]::t und-:1? th-3 Ff??d?l? Act and may bu: -:Jcv:11]::t undar legislation. R?f?r any to GCHQ

UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 Information Operations INFINITE CURVATUREIMOUNTAIN SLOPE Sending messages across the full spectrum of communications Telephony SMS FAX Email RADIUS Data 9 SALAMANCA TDIS Data Mining Open Phone Code Source Pre?x IP GEO 9 information is?; eIten?pt under the Freedom of Aet E?fifi and may be under ether UK Refer any FDIA queries; to GCHQ nn?nr?

UK TOP SECRET STHAP1 ROYAL CONCIERGE A SIGINT driven hotel reservation tip-off service From: To: ?Thank you for reserving .. ROYAL CONCIERGE exploits these messages and sends out daily alerts to working on governmental hard targets What hotel are they visiting? Is it SIGINT friendly? An enabler for effects can we influence the hotel choice? Can we cancel their visit? We can use this as an enabler for HUMINT and Close Access Technical Operations This information is?; ezterrpt under the Freedom o1?'Inf'ort1?ation Act E?fifi and may be eztetrpt under other UK inf'ort1?ation legislation. Refer any FCJIA queries; to GCHQ nn?nr?

UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 Information Operations: The Social Web You facebooki Deliver messages and multimedia content across Web 2.0 Crafting messaging campaigns to go ?viral? This information is eztenpt under the Freedom ofinfornution Asst E?fifi and may be under other UK legislation. Refer any FCJIA queries to GCHQ nn?nr?

UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 Twitter TDI Development Need SIGINT ctwerage across Not necessarily cnnsistent with target SIGDEV priurities 5N mVy?fWJ pb?l?evsm b3Jfc29s%25DAb1 wd 12 . Sewer i11frn1'm21t'1n11 is?; en:-zmpt under the Fltednln nf'I11fr:1'1mt'1n11 Act E?l??r and 111213,? be exelnpt under ether UK i11fn1'lmtin11 legislettinlt. Refer tn GCHQ

UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 Twitter TDI Development Baset-34 double encoded URL 5555555 This; i11f'51'n3E1ti5n is?; under the 5f'I11f'51'n?E1t'15n Act E?l??r and 11121}; I35 5:~L5mpt under 5th51' UK inf'51'n?E1t'15n Refer I5 GCHQ

UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 Twitter TDI Development PPF application across 106: Environment 1272671024 8 55488 80 Login? 31 TD|?Scope 4 User Route 13 81 .169.145.25 8 38 4848d4 User?Agent 52 Twitter Tools Geo?|P?Sro 28 Geo?|P?Dst 33 380082;- Event?security?|abe| 8 10007F Stream?seourity?|abeI 10 400023EOFF Wants Per day feeding BLACKHOLE This; i11t'e1'1ne1t'1e11 is?; under the F1'eei:Iem ef'I11t'e1'1mt'1e11 Fuel Z?l??r and 11121}; be eztempt u11+:le1' other UK i11t'e1'1mtie11 l?gi?ltlli?ll. Refer any FDIA queries; to GCHQ

UH TOP SEERET Twitter TDI Development 4* Given a country: Kawastan i Who are the top Twitter Users Jan - user- - Tm.? I Lil Are they really Kawestan? <3 SIGDEV augments the I0 process to aid targeting and takeup of message int'ermat'1en is eztempt under the ef'Int'enmtien Fuel Z?l??r and l'I'lE1}' be under ether UK int'e1'n??t'1en Refer e111}'FDIr3a. queries; te GCHQ

UK TOP SECRET STHAP1 Information Ops Spheres of Influence INFLUENCE This information is oxonpt nndor tho Freedom of Information Aizt and may ho oxonqat nndor othor iogisiation. Rofor any FCJIA qnorios to GCHQ nn?nr?

UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 Hmi?rmat??n 50 new mobile being Developed by end of 2010 Also - Target Geog raphical Identifiers (TGI) We can shape CNIO against specific locations, users with a high degree of cognition i11f'e1'm21tie11 is?; exempt under the ef'I11f'e1'n??t'1en Act E?l??r and 11121}; be exempt under ether UK iuf'e1'n11t'1en legisalatiett. Refer queries; te GCHQ

ulnerability Assessment Process Development Enabling ONO For intelligence production teams, based on Target Templating methodology . . Tame-I .5 3* we ter -::I-mug 1e- be -:.1oI1e Io 1he Target -it that frarrew:-rlt in to El problem The is. based -dn the understanding dl 6 or Hus all T?mylate IF. - 1r;- ll"-ej: global and the etin LIIJ utiuk?ee Ihe -n-I1-en Information Need. Hn en-.el ed ge Gap Hiri- JII. Hyrpot heeia I-art?. 1: Targtt at: E1 Lee: sort or Tr HI-rd II-ulfll fa.-I IFI Layer 2: Infrastructure - 1I1-e target to tliu H-I-U -ii. Layer 3: Teelinnlogy - 1I1a- teenitulngy the target Tar?el ll ll Layer -1: Lev:-lung for n1 . e? Layer 5: -Cepebi IitleIE. d5'5el.1 -do me have '3 Erraj?? In :1 Iii-an I 1-"mu "Er? - ll II 3 NADP trained network Wm i ac i 0 a inf'e1'm::1t'1en is?; ertempt under the Freedom ef'Inf'e1'n?e1tien Feet E?l?fl and [nay be ertempt under other UK inf'e1'mt1tien legisalatiett. Refer any FCIIA to GCHQ nn?nr?

UK TOP SECRET STRAP1 Human Systems Analysis Foreign News Agencies: - Credential Harvesting - Employee Analysis - who? - how?? - why?? Data in .. It New Data out 0 Dataout 3? Social not technological solution This; i11f'e1?mat'1e11 is under the ef'I11f'e1?1mt'1e11 Aet and 111213,: be uueler other UK i11f'e1?1mtie11 legislatiett. Refer any FDIA queries; to GCHQ

UK TOP SECRET STHAP1 Future? Formalising Tradecraft for ?What SIGDEV needs to be done prior to starting an Effects operation?? Joining up with 5 EYES where possible (cyber development) BGPI MPLS network effects (HOTWIRE) SIP and Effects Denial of Service, Operations Provide the defensive advice from the offensive perspective This information is oxonpt nndor tho Froodotn of I??ilftf?ti?? Asst E?flti and may ho oxonqjt nndor othor UK iogiaiation. Rofor any FCJIA qnorioa to GCHQ nn?nr?

TQP Questions? V. Head of JTRIG SD Effects Lead NSTSI - Find me an TAPIOCA 9 nu. IJ rm-. names and phone numbers redacted infr:1'1n::1t'1m1 is?; eznzelnpt under the Fl?EEdfJl'? nf'I11f31'111ntim1 Pact Z?fi?r and l'I'lE1}' be under UK inf'n1'l11ntim1 legisleltinli. Refer tn GCHQ nn?nr?

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