SIDToday: DEA – The “Other” Warfighter

May. 20 2014 — 12:38a.m.


(U) DEA - The "Other" Warfighter Matiager (5112) Ron Date: (UIIFDUD) When yott think ab ont ottr top national seenrity threats, ehanees are that terrorism and military eonfliet eome quickly to mind - and for good reason. Ent how many of its list illegal nareoties among the top threats to onr soeiety? national leadership reeognised the serionsness this problem poses and declared a war on two deeades ago. This "war" has all the risks, e:o':iteme11t, and dangers of eonyentional warfare, and the stakes are equally high. (UHFCIUG) We are all aware that the Drug Enfore em ent J-?idministration (DEA) is leading our nation's eonnternareoties (EN) efforts. But many are not aware that from the start l?~TSi5Ll1as been at the forefront of Intelligence Commtmity (IE) ort to this seemingly nne onyentional DOD mission. The noyel eolleetion and analysis techniques deyelop ed and refined against these eriminalhard targets have not only in major in the war on they haye also pr oyen inyalnable to other eritieal SIGINT missions, partienlarly eonnterterrorism, sometimes the lines between the two missions. (C) has close relationships with foreign goyernm ent eonnterp arts and yetted foreign partners. The of this team approach regnlarly make the headlines in the form of major and arrests. Less known is the eritieal snpporting role that eontinnes to play in key DEA operations to disrupt the ?ow of narcotics to onr and thwart other, related erim es. DEA, howeyer, reeognises the nniqne and sole source information proyides and eoordinates major eases with the SEFIICN Product Line. A5 a re snlt, both ageneies enjoy a yibrant two-way information sharing relationship that enhances their eommon mission. Proeesses haye been earefolly established to lead (foreign intelligence) information while proteeting eqnities. The Customer Relationships Direetorate (51), the Datai-?ieqttisitiott Direetorate (53), and work with the office as an integrated team to realise these mission (SHSI) Cine of those Based on SE5 intereept, issned an DPS IMMEDIATE report on 3D EDD4 on the where ab of Colombian nareoties traffieker Gonzalo I-linojosa, an eyasiye and international fngitiye wanted for mnrder, trafficking, and money lattndering. 52F had the foresight to inelnde a tearljne to share the aetionable intelligence with Panamanian parmers. With a short window for action, NSi3i's worked through the Joint Interageney Task For use (JITF) - South to immediately forward the information to a. in alerted the Panamanian who qniekly loeated and apprehended Hinojos a, withont knowing the information eame from NBA SIGINT. As Chief?noted, this is an erorellent estample of "onteome- oriented eollaboration." (UHFDUD) To learn more ab ont NEH to the "other" warfighter, DEA, yisit the International Crime and Nareoties (5213) website.

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