SSO Dictionary Excerpt

May. 20 2014 — 12:38a.m.


IE-H ET 33 I413 3' ET -:-Lihter-l lsr-:eti-: seess; Lih-:ler Ll eelle-:t - a test l:neu:l fer targets. There are twe sites leestecl in the Eishahfas. It is heihg Lise-:l s3-"stem sh-:l SE-C ee'-serhaihe fer SE-TIC ll-l access that eelleets l?ehys C~fE-I-rl IFJ). elleetieh is en the eelzuis lihla ah-:l l:-rihgs with the petehtial fer eehteht at a later clste. 23-ihfilsr te LALJI accesses te '23- accesses. F'ehcliI1E_I access. eelleet l-rle:-xiee fer ll tsrt_ ets. Site will he in C:reLi :ue SE-izueeisle I-i-lel:uile er Cwlehsl fer ll-lel:-ile It is the hfest wi-:lel3-' eelltilsr in the werlcl eh eight ?lime 3. -:ehtrs-:t with Csehersl eeatecl ih Jtih-:tieh. the sti the LDC l-?i -:elle-:tieh Lise-:l sh-:l is all clats -zlats fer ether Ilse accesses. terhf fer by IC 3. -: the 23C sh-:l -:elle-:tieh il'I- sh-:l in the Eishahfas. e'-ser ilinil call e'-sehts per The ihissieh ef fer is Lih-:ler the {Ll} stisi:-ices '-sis [I-Ere s-:-:esses. H-:-st -:eLihtries are awsi'e ef :3-IC:-ll lT eellee ieh using these access via asset in site. ellee IE-heit {IE-l-?I13-ju ah-:l all FJe-:er-:ls. setir-:e ihtelligeh-:e fer terrerist activities in :3-etitherh

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