CIA Colleagues Enthusiastically Welcome NSA Training

Aug. 25 2014 — 5:00p.m.


CIA Colleagues Enthusiastically Welcome NSA Training FRUM: Chief, Liaison Support Group at CIA (F51) Run Date: D5f21x?2?l? From our perspective -- that of NSAers embedded within CIA's workspaces -- NSA has been a leading proponent of information sharing within the Intelligence Communit,v. We've seen firsthand how our CIA colleagues have enthusiastically embraced NSA's inform ation-sharing initiatives, most re centl,v NSA training that is contributing greatlv to the development of a cadre of CIA Target Analv who are cap able of using SICINT target-development information in the course of their efforts. This access to select SICINT information is invaluable to CIA. (SHREL) Upon joining F5's Liaison Support (AWEWA Target need for formal NSA training and arranged for E5 Teclmical Director to present the course NETA2DD5 ("Introduction to Global System for Mobile Communications (CSle) and Beyond") to in CIA's Crime S: Narcotics Center (CNC). In addition to the introduction to CSle, -also presented a demonstration of the ICREACH database. ICREACH has been identified bv the foice of the Director of National Intelligence (DDNI) as the US. Intelligence Communitv's standard architecutre for sharing communications metadata. The database currentlv provides NSA and Second Party telephonv metadata events to over across 23 US. Intelligence Community agencies. (SHREL) The course was presented to CNC on 15 July 2010 and was so well received that- _im me diatelv coordinated with?to schedule another offering.? presented that second session in CIA's large auditorium on El September 201D to approximater 100 very engaged CIA Given this success, F5 is exploring opportunities for more formal NSA training for our CIA custom er s. PDCs: F51 S: Narcotics Center, ES Te chnic al Dire ctor, Chief F5 1,

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