Foreign Relations Mission Titles

Aug. 31 2014 — 1:11p.m.


SlDToday - NERs with Foreign Relations Missions Become DYNAMIC PACE -- HIGHEST PDSSIELE CLASSIFICATION IS TOP SECRET USA AUS CAN GER NZL Web search Agency-all Emails SID-all Emails NSA Rolodex SCUAWK: The SIDI Mailhad SIDtoday Elog SIDtoday Series SIGINT Worldwide UTE I SIDtoday Article a: Letter to the Editor II Social Media Page NCRs with Foreign Relations Missions Become FROM: Foreign Affairs Directorate Stai?I' Run Date: DBISDIEDDE Dyer the years the term Representatiye" has grown to include Agency representatives at a yariety oi'places: Commands, other US Coyernment agencies, US emhassies in support of Third Party agreements, etc.

SlDTuday - HERE. with Fureign Relatiuns Missiuns Becume Recently, we created annther title speci?callv cur representatives tn niajnr Third Parties.- "Special US Liaisen Adviser" are the seninr representatives nfthe tn a speci?c Third Party. The ?rst SUSLA nanied was Special US Liaisnn Adviser, Italy, and Special US Liaisnn Adviser, Gerinanv, thereafter. Until recently, a few cf the NCRs have been performing SUSLA duties hut were still called NCRs. This led tn snnie nieasure in a variety cf adniinistrative niatters, within headquarters. By changing the titles cf these NCRs tn SUSLAs we have eliminated this cnnfusinn and prnvided a mere ratinnal apprnach tn titles by re-designating thnse pnsitinns that are primarily fnreign affairs-related as reserving the title NCR tn thnse seninr representatives with prunarilv Enniniand and ether US Gnvernnient Agencv representatinn. Nate that this change applies tn the title - tn niissinn, functinn, authnrities, duties, nr repnrting chain. There is alsn nn change in relatinnships and existing nversight authnrities arranged between these pnsitinns, Eurnpe nr Paci?c, and the Fnreign Affairs Directnrate. The titles have changed.- NCRTurltev is new Special US Liaisnn Advisnr, Turkev NCR Thai is new Special US Liaisnn Advisnr, Thailand is new Special US Liaisnn Advisnr, Japan NCR EUR is already dual-titled as Special US Liaisnn Advisnr, Knrea; the use cf the NCR EUR title is being phased nut FYI, The Special US Liaisnn Advisnr refers tn the chief cf the site, while Special US Liaisnn Activitv refers tn the site itself. Either way, it's Nate that cur Special US Liaisnn Of?cers lncated in Secnnd Partv natinns are SUSLDs, and are all designated with the name cf the partner's capital city SUSLDL Special US Liaisnn Of?cer, Thnse titles have been changed. Sl?tedav articles may,F net be republished er repested eutside witheut the censent ef 50121 Infnrinatinn Dwner:

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