Information Paper- NSA Intelligence Relationship With Turkey

Aug. 31 2014 — 1:10p.m.


TDP 510' ND FERN National Security Agencleentral 15 APR 2013 Security Service Information Paper Subject: TD USA. NSA Intelligence Relationship with Turkey Turkish National lntelligen ce Organization and the Turkish SIGINT lntelligen ce Directorate Introduction TCI USA. S0?plus year SIGINT relationship with the Government of Turkey includes cooperation with the civilian SIGINT service within the Turkish National Intelligence CIrganization and the Turkish military SIGINT Intelligence Directorate note. the GCIT decided in 20111hatthe military SIB would be made subordinate to the civilian MIT. SIGINT collaboration with MIT and SIB provides NSA access to military targets of interest in_ Russia and Georgia. as well as counter? terrorism targets such as the Kurdistan People?s Congress [Kongra Gel. aka KGK. formerly the Revolutionary People?s Liberation and radical Islamic terrorist elements. Also. Information Assurance Directorate has a relationship with the Turkish General as well as with the Turkish National Research of Electronics and Key Issues TCI USA. The Counter Terrorism SIGINT exchange with Turkey was expanded by the Director of Central Intelligence in July 2002 to include actionable intelligence. In May 200?. the Director of National Intelligence modi?ed the guidance to include actionable intelligence against KGK leadership in Northern Irad. Additional CT targets worked with the GCIT includethe DHKPIC and radical Islamic terrorist elements such as al?Qa?ida and its af?liated groups. TCI USA. A Memorandum of Agreement between the National Security Agency and the Republic of Turkey. represented by the Turkish General Staff Electronic Systems Command [now SIGINT Intelligence Directorate was signed 04 April 1005. The purpose ofthis agreement was to ensure mutual exchange and cooperation for enhancing. supporting. and developing the SIGINT capabilities of the Turkish Military Derived From: 1-52 Dated: 2003?0103 Declassify Cln: 20320100 TDP

TDP FERN SIGINT organization with GES [now and NSA in order that we mav more effeotivelv oarrv out their missions against mutuallv agreed upon targets. This agreement between NSA and updates and further implements the U.S.?Turkish SIG-INT arrangements entered into in 1980. NSA will propose a review ofthe 1995 agreement during a Strategio Planning Conferenoe at NSA Washington in Mav 2013. NSA II. is workin to reestablish eration with the MIT on Pro'eot SEA oustomers in ekohange for geographioal assess and regional monitoring oapabilities for the Turks. Discussion What NSA Provides to the Partner TD USA. Fva} NSA provides eduipment. teohnologv. training. and US. SIGINT requirements and reporting to the Turkish partner to better assist NSA in fulfilling U.S. intelligenoe reguirements. TD USA. Fva} In terms of equipment and teohnologv NSA provides both oolleotion and orvptographio equipment. A Modernization program is under wav with both partners to upgrade enorvption on all shared and some non?shared oommunioations links. A Hi Fre uen Direotion Findin HFDF oolleotion site is NSA also provides deorvption of internet traf?o the Turks oolleot. TD USA Fva U.S. SIG-INT re uirements and reporting oover militarv and paramilitarv targets in? and the KER. This reporting is a mixture of near?real time and produot "Tear Line? reports and analvsis. TD USA. Fva} NSA provides dailv interaotion and aotionable intelligenoe on foreign ?ghter Sunni extremists. against both Turkish and non?Turkish individuals. NSA provides regional Taotioal- reporting in two hour inorements. What the Partner Provides to NBA TD USA. Fva} The partner provides near real time reporting on militarv air. naval. ground. and paramilitarv targets in Russia-Georgia. Ukraine. and on KER TDP FERN

TDP 510' ND FDRN targets. as well as daily summary repcrting cf Black Sea and ISIS Naval and Air activity and TD LISA. NSA jcint cperaticnal access tc the HFDF site in - which. in turn. functicns as a ncde cn IERIEJSSHAIR HFDF geclccaticn service. The US. and Parties receiye 400.000 fikes yearly utilizing Lines? cf?Bearing the- site while the Turks receiye 5000 fikes yearly its regicnal usage cf an 00 tc 1 ratic in faycr. TD LISA. NSA receiyes Turkish transcripts cf KGK ycice ccllecticn. ISceperaticn en the KGB: target by the US. Intelligence Ccmmunity in Ankara has increased the beard since the May 200? DNI lylemcrandum enccuraged all tc dc sc. Success Stories Problemlehallenges with the Partner Turkey is a SIGINT partner and an intelligence target. This dynamic partner and target surfaces when ccnducting risk?benefit analysis tc determine what can be shared with the Turkish partners. TD LISA. Fy'E?r'} MITISIB ccntinues tc be a partner wcrking with NSA tc fulfill jcint intelligence requirements and has the pctential tc beccme a signi?cantly mcre prcductiye partner if Turkish?LI.S. relaticns were tc Turkey?s unidue gecgraphic access cffers ccllecticn pctential tc ?ll additicnal SIGINT reduirements. TDP 510' ND FDRN

TDP FERN US. intelligence repcrting in recent years indicates pcssihle Iranian ccnnecticns with the head cf the MITISIB. The pcssihle impact cf these ccnnecticns tc the US. SIG-INT relaticnships is at this time. (mum bi:? TDP FERN

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