Feb. 19 2015 — 7:47p.m.


[edit] DAPINO GAMMA CNE Presence and IPT keys [edit] Our Workshop Aims Tc investigate GeInaltc tc leek fer: a 1. Find external IP addresses {France and Peland are prieirities] fer access tn GeInalte eInplc-yees as back up far CHE tn get presence sheuld they be needed and a 2. tn ?nd external addressee used by French ernpleyees er CNE data egress;f and a 3. Tc start precess fer a new supplier Giesecke and Devriente Gi?Decern start with seed email given in tmaps. by fellcwing aims: - Tc leak at getting inte France HQ te get in te care data repesiteries tn ?nd France external IP addresses that ceuld he used fer data egress fer CNE - Tc get inferInatien cf pessible IPs that ceuld lead te penetratien inte ene er Inere persenalisatien centres e.g Peland Net 5 eyes and ?nd pessihle CHE End paint target fer new supplier Gi?De Under existing Warrantry frcIn extended DAPINU GAMER

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