Behavioural Science Support for JTRIG

Apr. 2 2015 — 4:49p.m.


TOP SECRET Behavioural Science Support for (Joint Threat Research and Intelligence Group?s) Effects and Online HUMINT Operations Human Systems Group, Information Management Department, 10 March 2011 Two of the Global team?s current aims are regime change in Zimbabwe by discrediting the present regime, and preventing Argentina from taking over the Falkland Islands by conducting online HUMINT. Examples of Effects and Online HUMINT Operations 2.2 Operation targets. JTRIG's operations may cover all areas of the globe. Staff described operations that are currently targeted at, for example, Iran, Africa, Argentina, Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, UK, and Eastern Europe, including Russia. Operations may target speci?c individuals suspect caught in-theatre or cyber criminal), groups Islamic extremists or those engaged in online credit card fraud), the general population Iranians), or regimes Zanu PF).

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