Comet News – March 2010

Apr. 2 2015 — 4:49p.m.


TOP 1 COMET NEWS (March 2010) This quick-read newsletter is intended to inform GCHQ primary target areas of some of the most recent technology developmentsl?ndings, tasking of interest future capabilities on the Overhead constellation; to enhance knowledge on what can be achieved and potentially promote tasking on the Overhead system. For the majority of items more information is available from the ublications or areas these snippets are derived from. Feedbacquueries should be directed to initially, otherwise contact any of the Overhead Team (A4G) Target AreaslTasking {3625): Argentina TSI initiated and supported OH tasking against Argentina in efforts to collect high priority military and Leadership comms. Work was coordinated across the OH enterprise to obtain results when opportunity arose using US 9036 and US 9400. lleS Ops were a main driver for this collection. Results included a number of TETRA collects and at least seven Argentinian PCM (digital) microwave emitters which were processed and geolocated. Although TSI haven't got desired results on their comms of interest as yet, this was a positive and encouraging team effort against this target in readiness for when next opportunity arises. Efforts between TSI and MHS continue.

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