NAC 2Q 2011 Business Review

Apr. 2 2015 — 4:50p.m.


TOP SECRET STRAP1 AUSICANINZIUKIUS EYES ONLY 2Q NAC Business Plan Review July- September 2011 mn- TOP SECRET STRAP1 EYES ON LY Offensive Cyber status: 4. Proposals by 02 status oftensive cyber Status . green El 1 2 This theme of work was assessed as RED last quarter. Work on the requirements to undertake Network Anaiysis in support of Offensive Cyber operations on the original two countries (iran and Argentina) has progressed this quarter, with additional work done on Libya in support of the RARE event. MHS-NAC have supported to good effect OP-WHICHED, an operation looking at an Iranian Naval Base near the straits of Hormuz.

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