Architecture of U.S. Drone Operations

Apr. 17 2015 — 4:06p.m.


GPS Antenna 0 AW SEMA 92% ?x 0 Rs-422 A External1 92 0 RS422 Generic Payload1 211 0 RX TX mm Amgnm Ill-Ill IRA. 99.5 51.111 mgCARD QED QABQ ATM FREDA TOR \l WAN-- CREECH I I TO USA. FVEY ii: ATM Path IP Path - Satellite Link Ramslcin. DISA Trunk GTOY GCLS Future ATM circun TOP TO USA. AUS. CAN. GBR. RQ-1's, andMQ-Q?s Ramueln. . 3? man an, ATM Flow Overview (608 Network) mm TOP TO USA. AUS, CAN, GBR, TOP TO USA. AUS, CAN. GBR, NZUI20320108 751] 75:11; 251 2515 . 22.1mm ATM IP Path RO-1's, andMO?Q' 5 ATM Flow OvchIew 2511/2513 I Ru :1 I mum? QMESH EB Airhans?? MAM l( AUS, CAN, (3BR, N/l

II -l iI TOP 1 USA, AUS, CAN, GBR, IUB ram-u warm 'v-mv NSIAG NSIAG Roma VulP Tvd?c TOP I IHUSA TOP TO USA, AUS, CAN, GBR, ATM Palh IP Path 4 Satellite Link 4 kt MARSS 123:.? LIBERTY LEASE Hum ATM Path mm A was? NSANET IP Path QES- Satelluxe Link in was - I Ilmv Linguist; At a 9.25. .33 Elm? - A Fiber A . u, 2 a a 83mm Fiber GMESH 3 I, 264NI264R Q35 . I - 5: TOP I CAN. GBR. SIGINT I Supponed Units (PR) I USA, AUS, CANI GBR, N/l 100390108

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