U.S. Army Documents on Major Mathew Golsteyn

May. 6 2015 — 11:25p.m.


INFORMATION PAPER SAMR-MP 29 Sep 14 SUBJECT: Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) nomination for MAJ Mathew L. Golsteyn 1. Purpose: To provide information on the current status of the DSC nomination for MAJ Golsteyn. 2. Background: On 3 Mar 11, LTG David M. Rodriguez, Deputy Commander, USFOR-A, awarded an interim Silver Star to CPT Golsteyn and further recommended upgrade to DSC for actions performed in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan on 20 Feb 10. The Secretary of the Army approved the DSC on 25 Oct 11; however, the action was suspended when Golsteyn was flagged on 8 Dec 11. 3. Facts: a. Golsteyn Timeline: 14 Sep 11: CIA notifies DoD OGC of possible violation of criminal law due to CPT Golsteyn stating that he shot an unknown, unarmed Afghani male. Transcript of the interview is located at GREEN TAB A. 3 Oct 11: CID received a request for investigation. 1 Nov 11: CPT Golsteyn promoted to rank of Major. 8 Dec 11: MAJ Golsteyn flagged for adverse action. HRC suspends DSC per the Office of the Secretary of the Army until completion of the investigation. 27 Nov 13: CID closes their investigation. Final Report of Investigation is at GREEN TAB B. 24 Apr 14: US Army Special Forces Command issues GOMOR (Tab C); final disposition is filed on 11 Jun 14. 30 Jul 14: MAJ Golsteyn’s Special Forces tab is revoked. b. In an interview conducted at the CIA, then-CPT Golsteyn claimed to have captured and shot and buried a suspected IED bomb maker. He further went to comment that he went back out with two others to cremate the body and dispose of the remains. In the transcript, CPT Golsteyn stated that he knew it was illegal but was not remorseful as he had solid intelligence and his actions protected the safety of his fellow teammates.

c. CID investigation determined that MAJ Golsteyn committed the offenses of murder and conspiracy based on the interview provided by the CIA. In all the interviews conducted during the investigation, no one was able to provide any corroboration to the events as detailed by MAJ Golsteyn. One interviewee mentions then-CPT Golsteyn being upset after a previous IED attack had killed two Marines and told him that he would ?capture whoever did it,? and ?kill them.? (BLUE TAB 1) d. The investigation included a forensic examination of all burn pit locations in and around FOB McQueary where MAJ Golsteyn?s unit was located. All locations turned up negative results. (BLUE TAB 2) e. MAJ Golsteyn was provided multiple opportunities to provide a rebuttal or response and declined (BLUE TAB 3s). After being presented with the GOMOR on 29 Apr 14, he provided a rebuttal which was written by his legal representative. (BLUE TAB 4) f. This incident occurred prior to and is separate from the action which MAJ Golsteyn is being recommended for the DSC. 9. Upon discovery of the derogatory information and resulting CID report of investigation, the Secretary of the Army must determine if the incident casts MAJ Golsteyn?s service as less than honorable. His options are to confirm his previous decision to award MAJ Golsteyn the DSC or revoke the DSC award. If the Secretary chooses to revoke the DSC, he should also consider the disposition on the interim Silver Star that was presented on 3 Mar 11 (GREEN TAB D). 4. Proposed Way Ahead: (5) (5)

SUBJECT: Recommendation for Award of the. Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) for Captain Mathew L. Golsteyn SECARMY ACTION: Concur with SADB: Confirm Approve DSC Date Nonconcur with SADB: Recommend MOH Date Nonconcur with SADB: Revoke DSC, Retain 88 Date Nonconcur with SADB: Revoke DSC, Doanrade 38 to BSM w/ Date Nonconcur with SADB: I . Revoke DSC, Revoke SS M4 . Wig Date/?9 3? I Nonconcur with SADB: Other Date Comments:

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oesestresst 3F THE ARMY Lerner; sures ARMY dittidiet seeoes seemed tries oeses?r srose nerve isms REt-?r?h?r? it} rest eeseei CARGLEBEA 28310-9110 Aosoeo APR 2 2% MEMORANSUM FOR Major Matthew L. Goisteyn, Headquarters and Heedqoerters Company, 3d Speciei Forces Group (Airborne): Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28310" Qt 10. SUBJECT: General Officer Memoreedum of Reorirnend i. {is 6 September 2011, during err interview with the Gentrei intelligenoe Agency, you admitted to committing Law of Armed Contiiot violation. 2. You ere herehy r'eririrnendedi ?i?oor oehssior ih this matter manifests oomoiete test-t otjodgn?ieei end "r?oe tiese discredited yourself, the US. Army Forces end the United es Army Your conduct constitutes a serioos deoedore ithe high stenderds: iiegrity and professionalism expected of Consrsiss ottioer of this sore: ihis behavior cannot and will not be arid i he to seriously oossr suitability for continued service as COi?i?tii?iiE iodide!" in the United ?rmed Forces. the the sororities= writing. to; sdhniit writteri ortai to this reprimand and should include are;r other dooseir?rrits ow stetenteri?ie tree erosid like me to consider. You have sever: deys to yoor written retnitteir i here not reede determination regarding the of this reprimand end Witt serenity oonsider soy matters you submit in rebuttal before resting the tioei deoisioh. i notify you in writing of the finei filing desision. Brigadier -i3ene'_ -

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