Foreign & Commonwealth Office Relationships & Goals – GCHQ

Jun. 22 2015 — 10:54a.m.


RESTRICTED FCO GCO Name(s) GCHQ Top level Aim with Customer Continue to build relationship into a true partnership (FCO understanding of, and support for, GCHQ's operational requirements; effective use of Intelligence by FCO; collaboration which makes possible an increasingly active contribution by GCHQ (both Sigint and IA) in helping FCO achieve its desired outcomes). Annex B1 to DIR/3264/1506/3/1, 2 July 08 FCO MISSION Better World, Better Britain (A flexible Global Network serving the whole of the British Government. Essential services that support the British economy, support British nationals abroad, support managed migration to Britain. Policy Goals to counter terrorism, weapons proliferation and their causes; prevent and resolve conflict; promote a low carbon, high growth, global economy; develop effective international institutions, above all the UN and EU) Top (five) Objectives in 08-09 1. Ensure that GCHQ and FCO warrantry and submission procedures are fit for purpose given increased complexity and need for pace in our work. ( , H/Ints, Private Office, GCO FCO) 2. Contribute to development of future IT systems to allow FCO to make most effective use of Intelligence 3. Maximise Sigint's contribution to the achievement of FCO's desired outcomes (Routinely invited to all appropriate policy meetings; timely access to policy papers; identify possible effects opportunities; x.GSI connectivity) 4. Achieve better integration of Sigint and IA services to FCO 5. Greater level of routine contact between GCHQ and FCO seniors, and map members of FCO SLF to their SI/IA interests. FCO Current Headline Issues (Vary with world events, but currently include:) Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Kosovo, China/Tibet. Delivering the new strategic framework with consequent organisational and resource adjustments. Delivery of Firecrest 3rd Generation (F3G). Future handling of Intelligence through IT. (Plus concentration on people, money management, improving buildings, communication, working practices) GCHQ Areas of Impact Provision of timely products, services and advice to inform and influence FCO Policy formulation and implementation. IA awareness and FCO's ability to defend its network. Future IT. Improve FCO's appreciation of, and ability to make effective use of, Intelligence. GCHQ Products and Services 1. EPR 2. Tip-offs 3. Tailored witten and face to face briefings 4. Policy input 4 GCOs in FCO and theatre. 5. Technical support 6. IA services, advice and support SECONDEES (PS DG Political), (ITD) Posts People (names) GCHQ Leads(s) Major issues and targets for 09-10 SofS PUS Minister of State Minister of State Minister of State David Miliband Peter Ricketts Bill Rammell Lord Malloch-Brown Caroline Flint Director Director DI, HINTs, GCO FCO DI, HINTS, GCO FCO DI, , GCO FCO Remain a trusted ally; maintain frequency of Director 1-2-1s; visit Cheltenham in early 2009 Bi-lats successful Visit to Cheltenham by mid 2009 Promote benefits of Intelligence, enable delivery, establish joint briefing sessions with SIS, arrange visit to HQ in 2009 Promote benefits of Intelligence, enable delivery, establish joint briefing sessions with SIS Promote benefits of Intelligence, enable delivery, establish joint briefing sessions with SIS, arrange visit to HQ in 2009 Traffic light

PUSS PPS/PS to Ministers DG Defence and Intelligence DG Political DG Europe and Globalisation Chief Information Officer Special Representative for Afghanistan/Pakistan Director International Instutions Dir Defence and Strategic Threats Dir Africa Dir European Political Affairs Dir Global and Economic Issues Dir Asia Pacific Dir Overseas Territories Dir Americas Dir RuSSCAD Dir MENA Dir International Security Dir South Asia and Afghanistan Legal Adviser Dir Security and Estates Head WLD Iran Co-ordinator HMA Kabul HMA Beijing HMA Moscow HMA Baghdad HMA Baghdad Designate HMA Islamabad HMA Tehran UKMIS NY UKDEL NATO Gillian Merron DI, Matthew Gould, David MacFarland, Stephen Hickey, Catherine Brooker Maintain relationship with Matthew. Continue to improve access and visibility in Private Offices. Better Dir Private Office/COS, GCO FCO access to Ministerial-level meetings organised by Private Offices Mariot Leslie Mark Lyall Grant DG Ops, DI DI Build relationship between Mariot and DG OPs. Establish regular catch-up sessions Monthly?), use Palmer St for better effect. More contact with DI. Maintain relationship with regular senior contact. Look for opportunities for "Active Diplomacy" Simon Fraser H/Int Win confidence by following his diary and briefing at key times Tony Mather DG IA and T, DIA, GCO FCO Build level of IA advice and support; active involvement in FCO High classification IT systems and next generation secure telephony Sherard Cowper-Coles GCO FCO Build relationship, establish flow of intelligence (read folder) - initial focus on Pakistan Anwhar Choudhury HINT ? Build relationship (Was Simon Manley Adam Wood DI, Hints Maintain strong relationship. Monitor intelligence service (one of few active senior users of Fortress) Build strong relationship. Arrange visit to HQ at early stage Tim Hitchens Deborah Bronnert & Vicky Bowman Scott Wightman GCO FCO Promote benefits of Intelligence, enable delivery, establish joint briefing sessions with SIS, arrange visit to HQ in 2009 & GCO FCO) Build new relationship. Deliver visit to HQ and to Ay Nik for next visit to Cyprus Hint Build strong relationship with successor good relationship already in place due to previous post - maintain. Colin Roberts John Rankin Michael Davenport John Jenkins Hint Colin is new - Build relationship Build relationship Maintain Maintain Paul Johnston Hint Adam Thomson Daniel Bethlehem Positive about Intelligence. Build relationship HMA Islamabad designate - Generally supportive of submissions but could be more so. Maintain and, if possible, strengthen relationship - DLA Maintain already strong relationship Andrew Noble Vacant Antony Phillipson Mark Sedwill William Ehrman Anne Pringle Christopher Prentice DIA Head Ops Policy, DI, GCO FCO Hint Hints DI, Hint, GCO Afghanistan DI, Hint DI, Hint DI, Hint, GCO Iraq John Jenkins Robert Brinkley Simon Gass John Sawers Stuart Eldon DI, GCO FCO DI, Hint, GCO Alkene Hint DI, Hint, GCO NY Hint, GCO Mons Maintain Discussion with GCO FCO staff and visited HQ in March 09 Brief before taking up Post (October) Brief before taking up post (July?) Arrange briefing when back in UK

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