TSI – Legal Authorisation Flowcharts: Targeting & Collection

Jun. 22 2015 — 10:55a.m.


UK Version dated 11108 Side 1 The issue on Gt?li?fel: is the definitiae version; onnted copies may be out of date. Terms are de?ned in the grossary at tonerationsipo-l leoali'le-oteompiiarteeiq ossa Legal Authorisation Flowchart: TARG ETING individual? particular company}. organisation or SUMMARY tionality 2""d Party Other or - UK uni-{noon UK Warrant Warrant Warrant 2nd Partyieor era STA other or unknown era are Nil Are you targeting: the eomms of a NO Filtering without targeting needs no additional authorisation- For tasking, consult the collection flowchart YES ls the target named on a 16(3) authorisation? NO 1' Do you believe the target is in the (see footnotes 1,2) . MAYBE Some are for speci?c organit-?patternsr others are available to a range of users. Make a judgement YES li-J'Uir Dent . YES know 15 the large" 5533mm" ?3 Appropriate legal authorisation 8(1) warrant and his cornms address on the schedule? is in piece- Go ahead NO PTO Footnotes (1) Without authorisation. you must not indirectly target the communications of someone in the UK. by using a foreign selector- (2) In the absence of any other information. you should assume the user of a .ut-t email address is in the UK. In the absence of any other information. you may assume the user of a .com or other non-geographic address is not in the US.

UH. GOHFIDENTIAL Version s. dated mos Side 2 The issue on is the de?ni?lttre version; pnnted copies may be out of date. Terms are de?ned in the gioasrl.r at ?operation stool leqaflle dicomplianc etql eating a Legal Authorisation Flowchart: TARGETING arrival in the Were you already targeting their comms before their NO You need? a RIPA all) p- warrant or ?16(3} authorisation 1 YES to begin collecting somms: consult OPP-LEG Targeting can remain on cover for a week or so but no examination of traf?c is allowed, To establish when the target has left the 1U K, you should use geolocational tools it possible; otherwise you may examine one item of content lottery 4-6 hours You need a 16(5) authorisation from a. nominated 5C5 to allow sustained targeting to continue up to 5 working days tor MS: or 1 working flailr for SC 8. no new selectors You need a 8(1) warrantor RIPA 16(3) authorisation to continue collecting comms: consult OPP-LEG Do you want to continue examination of intercept content"? In NU Don't Know YES. Beyond the validity of the RIPA ?lbl??l .l 1r is the entity in a BOT or a 2nd: Party cou ntry'? {see footnote 3) It you subsequently get information that the target is in the UK. you must. act on. this new knowledge no ls the target a national otlregistered in Party? You need a. nominated Grade 6 STA. and: can only use UK assets it target is in or a 2m Party ND Appropriate legal authorisation is in place, Go ahead

UH. CONFIDENTIAL Varstoo 5. date-o 1 HUS Side 1 date. Terms are de?ned in the glossary,' at ?1 l.l: The issue on is the de?nitive 1.irersie; printed copies may be out of Ii II.- Legal Authorisation ?owchart; COLLECTION Wl'l' 'memem only YES No further authorisation is technical . required characteristics?? i no Will you. be intercepting oomrns content? . NO YES You can survey for up to 2 hours YES worth of data. but mayr not return the same bearer until you believe No its composition! has changed I, "You can assume appropriate legal authorisation is in place 1' A Is the collection at least MO - Until-:er to be proper one and foreign? GCHQ bu?inesg 1 YES consul-t Willi all intercept pass YES through a or dictionary?? ND Some are tor speci?c organisations, ie this l5. m? marge a others are available to a ungelggted ?ake range {if YCIU [are in err-ea targeting a speoi?o organisation, see the Targeting flowchart PTO

UH CON FIDENTIAL Version 5r dated HIDE Side .2 The issue on. is the de?nitive version; printed copies may beetrt er date. Terme are de?ned. in the gin-seem at I Legal Authorisation Fiowehart: COLLECTION This is S?ijz'suwey 50 yet; eheuld eernsider prepertienaiity Is one end YES Assume appropriate eutherieetien is in place. Ge eheed Nemineted Grade 6 STA is required". hi the link is me end US you can survey tier up to 2 nature worth of date, but may net return te- the same bearer untii yeti believe its eempesitien has changed

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