XKS Targets Visiting Specific Websites

Jul. 1 2015 — 1:52p.m.


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-. . .- -. -. .. CententFUC: . . FielcE Advanced Features 1' Etude-I Hidden Searc?l Fi Seal-Ch: Ema? Adm-35535 Search: Phone Number Extracter QUEW NEIITIEI HEIITIEI FlElds Fluvial-lad Features Shaw Hldden: Fielc5 Advanced 1' Fielcs Sear-ch: Deeurnent Metaclata Search: Tech Strings. in Decumente I Query Marne: llama I CNE Data doesn?t AND :gekO?? 30 go way Datetirne: 'ITear Start: ac AND email Meta-data Fielde: Ila-?3 [Field E-Liilcler'l Add in your CNE boxes *Categury Hit5??: TLLI: AND SEleCt Selected implant exfile frem active cellecticln Slte only

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