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TOP SECRET STRAP1 COMINT The maximum classification allowed on GCWiki is TOP SECRET STRAP1 COMINT. Click to report inappropriate content. For GCWiki help contact: webteam . Support page Blazing Saddles From GCWiki Jump to: navigation, search Overview Getting an account User requirements Training/Support Overview Blazing saddles icon.png Brought to you by Logo large.jpg BzS - useful info Events Product Centre QFDs Loading Status [edit] Overview BLAZING SADDLES is the TDB portion of the second pilot of the Next Generation Events project under the Better Analysis Programme. The primary objective of BLAZING SADDLES is to increase the supportability and scale of presence events stored for a number of key internet profiling tools. This will be achieved by the deployment of a range of Applied Research QFDs and an instance of Black Hole to a TDB maintained experiment environment at Cheltenham and also at Bude. For more background to this work see the (J:)Internet Profiling SE Context provided by BA Related products Social Anthropoid TDI Database TDIs Useful Links Blazing Saddles Blog SpySpace Group BLACK HOLE NGE Input Buffer NGE Gateway Supporting Internet Operations NGE GCForum Training Tech [edit] Operational QFDs QFD Type What it holds Dev Server Info (J:)Technical Documentation/Source(Z:) Technical Documentation Infrastructure QFD JEEOE deployments Operational Deployment Reference system activities Questions it answers

Events v·d·e Bulk unselected TDI-TDI System information correlations with confidence scores What other TDIs belong to - information your target about which TDIs What technologies your target have been seen at is using (so long as those the same times technologies generate TDIs) and from the same IP addresses as other TDIs. Events Host-referrer relationships information about how people get to websites, including links followed and direct accesses. INFINITE MONKEYS Events Bulk unselected v-bulletin identities information about membership of webforums powered by v-bulletin software. What v-bulletin accounts does my target have? Who uses this v-bulletin forum? Where are the members of this v-bulletin forum based? KARMA POLICE Events Bulk unselected TDI-website correlations information about which TDIs have been seen at approximately the same time, and from the same computer, as visits to websites. Which websites your target visits, and when/where those visits occurred Who visits suspicious websites, and when/where those visits occurred Which other websites are visited by people who visit a suspicious website Which IP address and web browser were being used by your target when they visited a website Content Information about the use of Google Earth and Google Maps. When, where and from which IP address, particular areas of the earth have been looked at What areas of the earth were looked at from a particular IP address or computer AUTOASSOC HRMap MARBLED GECKO How do people get to my website of interest and where do they go to next? What websites have been visited from a given IP?

(Combined with MUTANT BROTH) Who was looking at those areas of the earth MEMORY HOLE MUTANT BROTH SAMUEL PEPYS SOCIAL ANIMAL Content Events Information about the use of Google and similar services queries. When, where and from which IP address, particular searches were made What searches were made from a particular IP address or computer (Combined with MUTANT BROTH) Who made those searches Information about TDIs which were seen on the Internet. Whether your target is being seen by the collection system Where and when your target was active What IP address your target was using What other TDIs were seen on that IP address at a similar time What kinds of computers does you target use Who shares a computer with your target Are there any CNE opportunities for your target? SAMUEL PEPYS is a near real time Internet diarisation tool. It enables powerful IP stream Events and analysis/profiling Content by fusing all available traffic types in one place. It contains both unselected events and content. Information about how users interact with other users, Events and with files/pictures SP can answer a wide range of analytic questions based on all available traffic types it contains. Who your target interacts with. Interactions include chats, file-transfers and buddy-lists

/video on the Internet. SOCIAL ANTHROPOID Events GOLDEN AXE Events Converged comms events database, allowing you to see who your targets have communicated with via phone, over the internet, or using converged channels (e.g. sending emails from a phone or making voice calls over the internet). Will subsume SOCIAL ANIMAL and has replaced HAUSTORIUM (now decommissioned). Primarily IMEI defeats, including a severity score and associated correlations for each IMEI. Other selectors such as IMSI, MSC_GT, VLR_GT will be supported in future. What files/pictures/videos your target interacts with What communications your target is engaged in Who has your target been communicating with What communications have occurred using a particular locator (IP address, cell tower, etc) Is this handset cloned? Does this selector uniquely identify my target? Retrieved from Categories: BLAZING SADDLES Systems with accreditation information infoboxes Systems with expired accreditation

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