Data Stored in BLACK HOLE

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TOP SECRET STRAP1 COMINT The maximum classification allowed on GCWiki is TOP SECRET STRAP1 COMINT. Click to report inappropriate content. For GCWiki help contact: webteam . Support page Data stored in BLACK HOLE From GCWiki Jump to: navigation, search This page describes the data which is stored in BLACK HOLE, where it comes from and how much of it there is. Some of the information is too highly classified to be contained here, or falls under the Applied Research intellectual property restrictions. Nonetheless, as much as possible is published here. Contents 1 What data BLACK HOLE contains 1.1 Types of data 1.2 Classification of the data 2 Where the data in BLACK HOLE comes from 3 How much data there is 3.1 Volumes in BLACK HOLE 3.2 Volumes in the datamarts [edit] What data BLACK HOLE contains [edit] Types of data The events created cover webmail, email transfers, ftp, chat, internet browsing, website logins, vbulletin web fora, web cams, gaming, social networking -- and the list is growing. BLACK HOLE: The Knowledge What it is Where it came from What is in it What data it contains How much data there is How to use it How to connect to it How to find the file you want Who uses it, and why Applied Reseach uses SIGINT Development uses IPT uses How it is built Logical connectivity Physical system Security issues What could happen to it Applied Research enhancements SIGINT Development intentions Engineering interest What we like about it Good things Things that could be better Exploding myths Wish list v·d·e The data is primarily generated by B13B high-rate bearer processing modules, and so the exact types depend on which modules are running at the time. [edit] Classification of the data The classification of the data in BLACK HOLE ranges from SECRET STRAP1 to TOP SECRET STRAP2 UK EYES ONLY. Most data should be covered by TOP SECRET STRAP2 and there may,

inadvertently, be ECI data (but this is not expected, as we are not actively doing things covered by ECI). The data includes fields which have been produced by enrichment (such as, for example, target details) and this can increase the classification. [edit] Where the data in BLACK HOLE comes from Take a look under the covers of BLACK HOLE to find out where the data comes from. [edit] How much data there is [edit] Volumes in BLACK HOLE The total amount of (compressed) data entering BLACK HOLE is approximately 200GB/day. [edit] Volumes in the datamarts Prototype Current retention time / months Current database size / TB Estimated size for six months retention / TB Estimated Current database size for 6 database size months retention / / billion rows billion rows MUTANT BROTH 4 7.7 11.55 21.7 32.55 KARMA POLICE 3 6.8 13.6 17.8 35.6 MEMORY HOLE 0.5 0.6 7.2 2.2 26.4 AUTOASSOC 6 0.1 0.1 11 11 SOCIAL ANIMAL 1 1.6 9.6 1 6 HRMAP 3 7 14 16 32 INFINITE MONKEYS 6 0.02 0.02 0.2 0.2 143.75 Total 23.82 56.07 69.9 Please note - all of these values are approximate. POC: Retrieved from Category: ICTR BLACK HOLE Data_stored_in_BLACK_HOLE" (mail Phonebook Find)

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