Op Highland Fling Event Log

Sep. 25 2015 — 9:34a.m.


TOP SECRET STRAP1 COMINT The maximum classification allowed on GCWiki is TOP SECRET STRAP1 COMINT. Click to report inappropriate content. For GCWiki help contact: webteam . Support page OP HIGHLAND FLING - Event Log From GCWiki Jump to: navigation, search OP HIGHLAND FLING - Event Log OP HIGHLAND FLING - DAPINO GAMMA OP HIGHLAND FLING Workshop Strand - VPN and network analysis BACK TO MAIN PAGE [edit] Event Log Please enter most current date at the top of the log Date Strand Time SID Issue Action Outcome 19Jan DAPINO 1700 2011 GAMMA Find Found 6 in total VAs done to CNE EP 5 France and 1 progress to targets Poland CNE 18Jan DAPINO 1900 2011 GAMMA Find France found 3 CNE EP possible targets targets work up VA's To do 18Jan DAPINO 1800 2011 GAMMA Get facebook Find creds for CNE EP existing targets implanted targets Cred obtained and sent to JTRIG for guidance on what to put in task tracker 18Jan DAPINO 1800 2011 GAMMA BKR - New account manager identified based Find in UK. New CNE EP contact noted at targets higher level in operator of interest with Broadoak targeting updated for UK persons Comment Wrap up meeting held Write up to do

higher level France GEmalto employee -Possible target. 18Jan DAPINO 1800 2011 GAMMA Get events from Gemalto French Find gateway IP with CNE EP links to Poland , targets Czech Republic and Dubai. has 2000 events for to analyse on 19/1/11 email sent 18Jan DAPINO 1800 2011 GAMMA Find Investigate No further CNE EP Czech REpublic information targets contact found No IPs found tied to GEmalto but some interesting individual employees being worked up 18Jan DAPINO 1800 2011 GAMMA Find Polish netwrok CNE EP mapping find targets IPs of interest 18Jan DAPINO 1800 2011 GAMMA Information identified Technical Account Managers and Find JTRIG facebook CNE EP investigations to ongoing cookies targets be done enabling more info to be gleaned from Mutant Broth The three strands are BRKR, FRANCE and POLISH offices 17 DAPINO Jan 1650 GAMMA 2011 Progress update - Polish seed emails are being worked and inforamtion found form CNE Single End point VA/ Polish network presence events investigated by BRKR - New account Manager identified and travel plans found for

meeting on Friday 21st Jan. CNE implant idea investigated CNE legal said it would have to be high priority and last resort. France Seed emails being investigated. French Gemalto network analysis scoping being undertaken Linked in names found for good targets - French mainly. JTRIG - Linked in work and task tracker created. Retrieved from " "

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