Operation Haymaker

Oct. 15 2015 — 11:56a.m.


OPN HA YMAKER Effects M) :10 in} HUJI A0 A0 M) #0 AC HUJI lb AU 1 id, It? At) l-{Sikh! ll-Taili Hanullah Yusul Mutt: And Nab: Rahman Abu Walid Fatah Gul Abu Sm! Jam-I ur-Rahman Mullah Jalal qubn Yahyn Mun Amqulnh VILONIA LISON TOUCHSIONEE SKAHG CHATHAM BARS HEAD Hill OROHO BOYS POSIAL IE AQ DEPUTY SR DEPUTY HUJI SR HUJI SALAFISY COR A0 COR AQIFF SR HUJI DEPUTY TBSG TBSG TBIAQ 18 COR At EMIR 3138 COR 3138 COR 3138 COR A0 VACILITATOR IEO EXPERT FACILITATOR 3138 COR T8 COR GNAZIABAO CMAPA OARAH FACILITATOR 5R TB COR I d) . .Ii? If} :il? 0 i ?L_i .. I I . I: t' it mm. Auaunm Abdul Raul And Mohammad Rasul Oadullnh smunm Numan Gm?, Ahm BANGOR POST MORIEM \?Jl?iO RIVER VJAKIKI BRANOYWIHE KEITHSTOE-C ASPEN AHOMA AKE RAYBURH CIJJP.ON LAKKI: PUbl/t'u'S IOWA AOJHUJI 3138 AOJHUJI T8 T8 1'8 SUB-COR AQJHUJI FACIL FINANCE TBSG HEAD T8 COR TTP BAJUR TTP TTP CDRJ A0 18 CDR FACILITATOR 3138 COR FACILITATOR SUB-COR FACILITATOR TYP SUB-COR CHIEF FACILITATOR SUB-COR IEO ENGINEER SNURA COR COR SPOKESMAN FACILITATOR Ob'ectives Measures I t" "Sm Senior Nuristan Ops EKIA Detainees JP Taliban Detainee of Effectiveness Enabled Ops Ahmad (OBJ BRAND YWINE) 0 Kinetic Strikes . AQ no longer views NE Afghanistan ?Hands down, the ScarIeSt/mOSt as a safe haven: Marginal Disruption intimidating message for the Loss of key AQ members/enablers: i *1 '7 PG- Taliban, at any level, from fighter Marginal Disruption -- - . Local opposition to to A0 members enablers: Localized Disruption Exodus of key AQ: Minimal Disruption Effects a ainstA and TB enablers in KunarandNuristan . . are considered temora - .. in absolute destruction of W?thOUta/On 'tefm erS?Stem i "r whatever their target is.? camaln . 4' I '9 -. them and they are certain OPN HAYMAKER: Massing sustained kinetic effects to deny AQ sanctuary in Konar Nuristan

AQ Setbacks in Konar/Nuristan AQITB enablers feel significant pressure from Strikes Waygal disrupted, network shifting to other areas of Konar SMOKESCREEN) orders temporary halt to ?ghter movement into AFG 'r AQ Media/Facilitation network assessing way ahead for support to A0 in Konar based on losses ?r TB increasingly equate AQ presence with Kinetic Strikes ?r 18 AUG Kinetic Strike Network Reflections ?The Chapa Darah Network is Finishedo-?o oo - 0? USA, ISAF, NATO i HAY MAKER 1: Ke EKIA ., . Sakhr al-Yaifi Hanullah Mufti Asad Yusul Fateh Gul Abu Walid Ammar Dadullah Numan VILONIA COLLISOH TOUCHSTONE MIRAMAX CHATHAV BARS ANARCRY mvaum 9051 A0 OEP EMIR SR SR HUJI DEP HUJI COR EASTERN ZONE 3138 COR 31x38 COR COR KONAR KONAR KONAR . Multan Jalal Andumn Yahya aka Rakm Nab: Rahman Jamil ur-Rahman Malaq: Musa Amquum Ab? ORONO RIBEYI: JUNIOR BOYS SKANG mu POST posrAL HUDSON UONSGNE TBSG Ao FACILITATOR tame FACIL re Salami COR T8 DEP SG MORTEM SERVICE 18 COR HUJ, GMAZIABAD re SUB-COR KONAR Konar '3 SR T8 COR 3133 con 11?Hands down, the scariest/most intimidating message for the Taliban, at any level, from fighter to Taliban senior leadership, is anything to do with drones or aerial bombings. The Taliban has no way to defend against them and they are certain to end in absolute destruction of whatever their target is. it Ops EKIA Detainees

OPN HAYMAKER Effects Update NJ in) .?ilU' AI) ll; AL. All nlJoi Til/?Clivi .Ill?. ll. Jlisum: aI-Taili Hannllah Yusul Mull? And Nlbi Rahman Abu Walid Fatah Gul Abu Sui Jamil ur-Rahman Mullah Jalnl Turabl Yahya Mun Numn Alhqullah wLomA COLLISON TOUCHSTONI: 5mm; CHATNAM BARS VULCAN LIONSGAH LEAD HILL ORONO GREEN RUN JUNIOR ems POSTAL poswasrm nuosow no DEPUTY SR AQIHUJI OEPurr Run SR HUJI COR A0 COR AQIFF SR mun OERUIY TBSG reso reso TBIAO COR re COR EMIR n33 COR 3138 COR 3138 COR A0 FACILIYAYOR went FACILITATOR 3138 COR COR GHAZIABAD CHAPA DARAN FACILIYAYOR SR re COR I ALHUJ: AQHUJ. ?nlu?JH/?if: YiiAbdullah muq. Audullah Abdul Raul And Mohammad Rnul nodal-h swan-h BANGOR ELIZABETH NEARTBREAK POST MORTEM WAKIKI BERKSHIRE BRANDYWINE KEITHSTONE LCTMAL ASPFN TULLAHOMA LAKE RAYBURP. cmmon Aomwl 31 38 AOIHUJI RIDGE ra TB SUB-COR Aomwl FACIL FINANCE reso REAO re rwna COR ne BAJUR we '8 SUBCDW FACILITATOR 3138 COR SALArisr COR FACILITATOR FACILITATOR SUB-COR CHIEF FACILITATOR SUB-COR IEO ENGINEER SHURA COR COR SPOKESMAN A0 FACIL . . f, . .-. 591 WW 2?12 -05 Feb, Senior Nuristan Taliban Detainee Ahmad (031 BRANDYWINE) Ob'ectives Measures Wm Combined, - AQ No Longer Views Konar Enabled OPS Nuristan as Alternative Safe Haven: 0 Kinetic Strikes "Hands down, the scariest/most Temporary Disruption Afghan-based AQ Members are . . Captured Killed Displaced: Taliban, at any level, fromfighter Marginal Disruption I Taliban Dynamic Enablers unable to intimidating message for the to Taliban senior leadership, is Provide Sanctuary: . a anything to do with drones or Si nificant Disru tion - 9 f' aerial bombings. The Taliban has Eects aainst and defend against them and I . "my. I. . awgh- I I 7 . enablers Kunar and ?r ?Sta" 1 . . they are certain to end in absolute are considered temorar a . . . destruction of whatever their Without a Ion-term . camain target is.?

Manhunting Basics HUMINT These aren?t the terrorist you?re looking for IMINT FMV is your friend and enemy SIGINT May ask who?s calling, please? More layers are preferred More connections aren?t always best Yep, IPB F3EA Can we stop adding letters? Kinetic v. Direction Action

OPN HAYMAKER Targeting Cycle I 48hr Cycle I I Collect 9le Collect Current 09s ?ame?Ops A GEXPLOIT QANALYZE OFIND Dev. Ops 0 FIND: Development Ops continuous look at the next ridgeline?s targets 9 FIX: Current Ops daily hunt for near certainty FINISH: Current Ops handoff to FIRES 0 EXPLOIT: Future Ops task of ingesting the day?s collect 9 ANALYZE: Future Ops layering of IMINT, HI, SI to prep Current Ops? next day?s FIX

OPN HAYMAKER Success Criteria Before and After August 2011 - HAYMAKER 1.0 IOC February 2013 - HAYMAKER 2.0 IOC Loss of ke AQ members enablers successfully killed approximately one AQ target HAYMAKER efforts succeeded in killing/capturing few per year; AQ easily reconstitutes. key AQ targets. Improvement over efforts, but pace of successes needs to be faster. Local oosition to A0 members enablers Little to no local opposition to A0 entrenched in Nascent developments in some valleys indicate key Taliban networks. locals are tiring of A0 efforts to root out spies as a perceived method to stopping strikes. 951'. ?Saw-I. a-Jp' Exodus of ke AQ Few individuals have returned to Pakistan due to routine operational necessity and continue to support AQ efforts both in AFG and externally. Relatively free movement tolfrom PAK at discretion. AQ no loner views NE Afhanistan as a safe haven AQSL discussions specifically focused on utility of AFG as a safehaven movement of families, construction of AQ-specific infrastructure. a; Sporadic reporting of concern over viability of safehaven overshadowed by AQSL discussions of post-2014 sanctuary.

OPN HAYMAKER Functional Teams Current Ops (24hr cycle) Future Ops j48hr cycle) Targeting Officer NGA analyst SIGINT ITCs HAT 11th IS CIA SIGINT Intel. FMV screeners FMV screeners NSA~Washington NSAo-Georgia CNOS DIA Sr. analyst NGA Targeteer Development Ops (+48hr cycle) 36 total personnel attached to TF EAST

OPN HAYMAKER J2 Manning FRONT FMV FMV FMV FMV FMV LEA Cl Vacant RTO RTO RTC RTO SI J1 Vacant Medical FIRES Fires ITC nc 5 LEAD GEOINT 5, nc ITC VVU Vacant DEP J6 J6 CMC Ops Commander J2 Targeting NGA Officer Officer ?(gamer Sr Analyst VVM IO 03p NIPR CHIEF DAOFS 7? Analyst Analyst JSOC Targetcer DJTELES meroc HAT sno '11 Analyst Analyst

CAO: 30 OCT 2012 Exp Trgr: SIGINT it 3" 0 Neutralize Taliban Shadow Leadership . . LAST KNOWN LOC: )7 3L W: Taliban Sub - . . ,l I a 5 Exercises command and control over speci?c portion of organization A . i 03? LETHAL BURWYN 0 Reports to senior leaders up . t: 0 Has operational autonomy 1 .. i7 grf?la?: Manages the network and executes guidance - Qari Munib is a Taliban subcommander operating in Pech District responsible for numerous attacks on He is associated with numerous Taliban district shadow governors, relays guidance and provides BDA on attacks to TB of?cials in Pakistan. W: 0 300512; Munib planned to inform unidentified associates regarding casualties . . - - D. . . from a reported attack on 30 ocr on Manogay base. (GQP01135157601267698) . ec '5 town? - 290C1'12:Munib instructed likely Taliban associates to stay busy utilizing Plkas and . 'liKMs. (611901135151308464915, an a ~x 45? Munib instructed Taliban associates to likely execute attacks, to including i' iEPs,_for the next two days against an unidentified base. (GQP01135153233257403) .1 . 190cm: Munib prepared two iEDs for upcoming attacks. kg? i3 - - Qari Munib planned to pick up his explosives in Marawara District which . . .1 w?ir?u'amt '3 5 305912: qari Munib planned to meet with a weapons dealer to buy a PKM. '3 coordinated with . @rl Munib for an attack that would start the next day intended and was intended FLATHEAD PLATTSBURG take over three separate districts. TB 56 mum? "3 55 ?Am? SR SALAFIST CDR Jinn/w I mum? HAJI MATIN RONAN SALAFIST CDR QARI MUNIB LETHAL BURWYN TB SUBCDR 19'le and? 0" in central Kunar. Qari - F, Lapf-MelOTfaciltateC/K opportunities i .l'alpporttorestrictFOM. I I I I ABDULIAH DOWRAN - HEARTBREAK RIDGE VIKING SECRE TO USA, FVEY ,3 sum? SR SALAFIST con

?Fm/?Em TF East - Request for Kinetic Strike Approval BURWYN - Priority Targets - BSO Concurs with use of KS as of 06102 30 OCT 12 W: Qari Munib Is a Taliban subcommander operating In Pech District responsible far numerous attacks on He is associated with numerous Taliban district shadow governors, relays - SIGINT correlation to TI guidance and provides BOA on attacks to TB officials in Pakistan. VID within 24 ms mm: - FMV lock after SIGINT correlation - 300012: Munib planned to inform unidentified associates regarding casualties from a - Duration of LTA approval: 14 Days reported attack on 30 00 on Manogay base. (GQP01135157601267698) 0 290012: Munib instructed likely Taliban associates to stay busy utilising Pikes and PKMs. (GQP01135151308464915, GQP0113S148823505821) - 290012: Munib instructed Taliban associates to liker execute attacks, to including IEDs. for the next two days against an unidenti?ed base. (GQP01135153233257403) - 190012: Munib prepared two iEDs for upcoming attacks. - 80012: Qarl Munib planned to pick up his explosives in Marawara District which were sent by qari Munib planned to meet with a weapons dealer to buy a PKM. coordinated with Qarl Munib tor an attack that would start the next day intended and was intended to take over three separate districts. 1.5 4.1me LAST KNOWN LOC: azsxossassnzaa ?1 . ?l f) 08] LETHAL BURWYN a .. . . Single 05462 300012 0 Target is considered SINGLE-USE and is assessed as Low mm a FOBFENTY Mediaeffectzunlikeiy a I 5- r' a? - Politicaisensitivities: unlikely . ?v District Konar Provincv - Populationbiowback: unlikely . ?nt'um yr?. None location will change pending updated correlation Low Confidence Level. Moderate Hiih USA, FVEY

0408352 NOV 2012, Dar-ye Pech District, Kunar Province MISSION: TF East conducts a kinetic strike against Qari Munib (LETHAL BURWYN) in the Dar-ye Pech District, Kunar Province on 04 November 2012 In order to degrade the insurgent network in Kunar Province and enable the Battle Space Owners freedom of maneuver in RC-East. SIGNIFICANCE: Qari Munib (LETHAL BURWYN) is a Taliban sub-commander operating in Dar-ye Pech District responsible for numerous attacks on ANSF and coalition forces. Qari Munib is associated with numerous Taliban district shadow governors, relays guidance, and provides BDA on attacks against Taliban of?cials in Pakistan. SEQUENCE OF EVENTS 7' JP?Pending EKIA, 1 TOTAL EKIA . ,I'j . ~02302 GR76 reported SI at BDL -3 q, compound for OBJ LETHAL Shigama- BURWYNGR76 correlated 1; left the compound and proceeded '9 150m SW of BDL compound. 5): MAMs remained static from 03202- '5 07402 aLLQis location. SKYRAIDER (MO-9) correlated Tl in open terrain 05232 SKYRAIDER correlated Sl I0 activity on OBJ LETHAL BURWYN and established IMINT signature07402031 LETHAL BURWYN .. . . 1,6_ and con?rm? EKIA proceeded up ridgeline with and re-entered BDL compound. SKYRAIDER maintained IMINT lock the up. 08192 OBJ LETHAL BURWYN ?departed BDL Compound, a SKYRAIDER confirmed PID of . . 7 a BURWYN IMINT signature. v, IMINT SIG. 08352 SKYRAIDER engaged OBJ BURWYN resulting in TF 0 East observed multiple PAX transport remains away from strike site.

Waygal Valley Waygal District, Nuristan, AF 3 TE East has currently identified 8 NAIs in Waygal Valley associated with al-Qaida, foreign fighters, and key Taliban enablers. Through focused collection and development, TE East will identify additional NAls to map out enemy networks in Waygal Valley. TF East will identify POL activity at these NAIs to discern signatures of al-Qaida, foreign ?ghters, and Taliban leadership using layered intelligence collected over extended ISR soaks coupled with SI and HI atmospherics. 5515 A.) r- . . :augc14,. USA FVEY

Waygal Vall 1 ey Engagement Areas in work Waygal District, Nuristan, AF 0? USA


OP WAYGAL Operational Targeting Criteria Waygal District: Maturity of network - HIGH. 0 HI networks have developed over the past 12-18 months. HAT and OGA have myriad complementary sources, some of whom may be able to trigger our operations. Quality of established NAls HIGH. 0 We currently have high fidelity on BX NAls in Waygal. This speaks to the level of historic HI, SI, FMV development in the valley. Depth of start points MED. A third of our active targets have good selectors. NSA-W has taken on SI development in Waygal, greatly enhancing our understanding of the SI environment. Number of active targets HIGH. 0 Over a dozen active targets across 3 villages, most of whom are or could easily be. Known AQ Arabs are on this deck. H-value* HIGH. 0 Waygal is an historic AQ sanctuary. The targets there are not only senior-level Taliban facilitators and hosts, butArabs themselves. Faruq al-Qahtani and Dost Mohammad and their entourages frequent Waygal. Elimination of these targets will provide demonstrable measures of success. Value (H-Value) is the assessed return on investment of achieving success in a named operation?

(168EP11-168EP12) 1,948 1,909 0 1,848 91.7% 93.6 /o 88.8 /o 709 i 34.1% Associates i of targeted i individual captured or killed 173 8.3% 14 0.67% Total Missions Night Ops No Shots Fired Target Shot Fired CIVCAS Events Individuals USA, ISAF, DISPLAY ONLY TO AFG

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