SIGDEV: Is It Time for a ‘Target Reboot’?

Nov. 18 2015 — 3:45p.m.


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(U) SIGDEV: Is It Time for a 'Target Reboot'? FROM: (UHFOUO) Transnational Strategic Partnerships SIGDEV Branch Run Date: O3f23f2011 Introduction: This is the story of how a "target reboot" taking a fresh look at opportunities for collection} by a SIGDEV branch up providing the target of?ce with new collection and breathed new life into a stagnant situation. (TSHSIHREL) A year-end review of our SIGDEV-supported targets in late 2010 showed telltale signs that things were getting stagnant on the Venezuelan Energy target set. Most reporting was coming from warranted collection, and what little was coming from other collectors was pretty sparse. Rather than think my way out of this box, I opted to do a "reboot" of the whole target. Turns out, I couldn't have made a better choice. (SHSIHREL) Background: Venezuela has some of the largest oil and natural gas reserves in the world and consistently ranks among the top ten crude oil producers. Its economy is dominated by the petroleum sector, which accounts for roughly one third of GDP, 80% of exports, and more than half of all government revenues. In the ?rst half of the twentieth century, US oil companies were heavily involved in Venezuela, but in 1973, Venezuela voted to nationalize its oil industry outright, and effective 1 January 1976, Petroleos de Venezuela took over as the primary oil producer in Venezuela. To understand is to understand the economic heart of Venezuela. (TSHSUKREL) I started out by reviewing the Information Needs (Es) and SURREY requirements to make sure that everything matched and was up to date, and then I met with the target office (TDPIJ to re-assure myself that we were both on the same page in regards to our goals. (SIESIHREL) The TOPI analyst stated that he didn't have time to invest an extensive target development effort, so anything that came to him had to be useable "out of the box." Plainly speaking, he wanted information at the highest possible levels of the corporation -- namely, the president and members of the Board of Directors. He wanted as much of it as possible to be in the form ofm data, to reduce the need to transcribe and piece together conversations. (TSHSIHREL) Ibegan my "reboot" by visiting the website, where I clicked on "Leadership" and wrote down the names of the principals who would become my target list:

Determined te fellew the "deeument as yen ge'I medel this time areund, Ifned up Analyst's Netebeek, epened a blank deeument, and dumped the names inte it. New fer seme My step was PINWALE, where I ran a few queries with mixed iesults. I had a let ef tiaffie "ee-ing" mest ef my taiget set, but y'er little infe frem the aetual eemmunieants. I did seme (aenially alieady knewn) email addiesses, whieh I enteied inte Analyst Netebeek and beuneed against CADENCE and te see if they weie tasked. Sinee my TOPI didn't have time te de deyelepment, my plan was te deeument eyeiything and take it te him like dessert en a tray, and let him eheese whatever he wanted. One thing that kept pepping up in PWALE was a type ef entry whieh ean best be likened te a entry here at NSA. A little pre-ferma that, upen analysis, shewed that it was hitting en the names ef the taiget set as streng seleeteis. What's mete, I diseeyered that while seme ef them weie entiies" fer the peisennel en my set, ethers shewed these same peisennel names as the supeiyiseis ef ether empleyees. "Ceel!" I theught, and began entering them inte my netebeek file. A few HUNDRED empleyees later, I had apietty substantial deeument. I theught this weuld be a geed plaee te step data eelleetien fer a while and feeus en data analysis. Heie's a entiy shewing the President ef Rafael Ramiiez (pietured meeting with Iran-inn PresidentAitmediaejed in 2009): Nembre RAMIREZ RAFAEL DARIO (Sedige Uniee RAM1REZRGE Ceriee PDVSA Ceriee Peisenal RRAMREZWEMEDVVE Ceneeide Ceme INFORMACION Tipe de Empleade EFECTIVU PERMANENTE Empiesa INTEVEP S.A. Geieneia INN INDUSTRLALIZACEIN Superviser RAMIREZ RAFAEL DARID Leealidad CARACAS Edifieie LA CAMP INA TORRE ESTE Terie TDRRE DESTE Pise PH Ofteina PH Tlfne. Interne Tlfne. Interne Telefene Exteme Fax Interne

Fax Externe SIN Busea Persena SIN Clave Busea Persena INFORMACICJN Celular SIN INFORMACICJN Tlfne. Habitaeien SIN MORMACION Otre Telefene WFORMACION hem is ene shewing Ramirez as the superiser ef ene ef the beard members, Luis Nembre PEREZ LUIS FELIPE cedige I?Iniee VIERMAL Ceriee PDVSA Cerree Persenal Ceneeide Ceme SIN INFURMACION Tipe de Empleade JUBILADU Empiesa HOLDING PDVSA Geieneia Superviser RAMIREZ RAFAEL DARIO Leealidad CARACAS Edi?eie LA CAMP TORRE ESTE Terre TDRRE ESTE Pise PH D?eina PH Tlfne. Interne Tlfne. Interne Telefene Exteme Fax Interne Fax Exteme Busea Persena SIN Clave Busea Persena INFURMACICJN Celular Tlfne. Habitaeien Otre Telefene WFORMACION New, even my eld eyes eeuld see that these things were a geldmine ef valid seleeters, te inelude werk, heme, and eell phenes, email addiesses, I had se much data that I was even able te make a chart with whieh I eeuld "nermalize" internal numbers se that they eeuld be tasked via OCTAVE. Iput all ef this tegether inte ene spreadsheet, taking enly the tep persennel, whieh I knew my TOPI wanted, and presented my TOPI analyst with this paekage. He was thrilled! That by itselfweuld have been eneugh te warrant writing this stery, but it is what happened next that really made eur day. AS IwaS analyzing the metadata in PNWALE, I elieked en the "Frem eelunm and netieed semething peeuliar -- every single entiy,? ever 10,000 ef them, eame frem the same I ran several mere queries, and ever timeI eame up with the same result. Then, I leeked at the "Te 16T.134.x.x, yeah, that's PEQUIVEN (a subsidiaiy edeVSA), but 10am?: and 172.18.x.x Yep, seems I had been leeking at internal eemms all this I?red eff a few emails te F6 hem and in Caraeas, and they een?imed it! Sinee then, I have been with Caraeas, whe have been suIveying their envirenment and sticking the Iesults inte XKEYSCORE. I have been lueky eneugh te f'md several juiey deeuments in there, ene ef whieh hasjust been made inte a lepert! SERLAL:

Venezuela?iEneigy: Venezuela State-Owned Oil Infcrinaticn a Decrease in Overall Oil Thefts and Lcsses, Januaiy 2011 (SHREL TO USA, FVEY) In additicn, I have disccyeied a string that carries user lD's and their and have reccyeied ever 900 unique which I have fciwarded tc TAO (Tailcred Access Opeiaticns -- S32), alcng with ether enabling data and a targeting request tc see if we can this and especially, the bcxes cdeVSA's leadership. Wculdn't rny TDPI be happy then? (TSHSIHREL) Sc, by sheer luck, (and a ten cf hard wcrk) I disccyeied an new access tc an existing taiget and am wcrking with TAO tc leverage a new rnissicn capability. 82611-5 Ojj?frhere Venezuelan er"! rig {Jene'a? ahuul this article? articles may not be republished or repcsted cutside without the consent cf 50121 sid Oxyner: 3 S0121 a (email) Page Publisher: S0121, {entail} Last Mcdi?ed: 11f10r?2012 r? LastReyiewed: 11f10f2012 DYNAIVIIC PAGE -- HIGHEST POSSIBLE CLASSIFICATION IS TOP SECRET USA AUS CAN GER NZL DERIVED FROM: 1-52, DATED 08 JAN 2007 DECLASSIFY ON: 20320108

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