IC Orientation Briefing

May. 5 2016 — 9:15p.m.


Eld l / <m UNLOCKING 7 "'"v;a;·v1·u" THE SECRETS: How To Use the Intelligence Community "There is no phase of the intelligence business which is more important than the proper relationship between intelligence itself and the people who use its product." (U) - Sherman Kent, Strategic Intelligence for American World Policy DRV FROM: ODNI FIN S-08 DECL ON: 20331210

UNCLASSIFIED/ for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 Today's Agenda • • • • • • • The Intelligence Community In Perspective (U) Times Have Changed - Reform is Dynamic (U) Constraints on IC Activity (u) How The IC Can Help "Create Decision Advantage" (U) Serving A Broader Customer Base (u) Providing Tailored Information Through Customer Driven Intelligence (u) Utilizing The IC (U) - Getting Support - Communication Is Key - Review & Release • (U) Counterintelligence: Living In A Sensitive World UNCLASSIFIED/

SECRET//NOFORN Approved for release by ODNI on 04"-,11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 The Intelligence Community 2001 • • • • (b)(1)1 (b )(3) 2009 •

UNCLASSIFIED// for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 The Community Responds: Reforms 2001 - 2008 ct'Ol - (U) Creation of HSC (E.O. 13228) Oct'Ol - (U) Patriot Act Dec'Ol - (U) Coast Guard joins IC Oct'02- (U) DHS Law (Homeland Security Act) May'03 - (U) TTIC Stand-up Nov'03 - (U) NIMA becomes NGA ul'04 - (U) 9/11 Commission Dec' 04 - (U) IRTPA Dec'04 - (U) NCTC Stand-up 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Mar'05 - (U) WMD Commission Apr'05 - (U) DNI Stand-up Sep'05 - (U) FBI NSB Oct' 05 - (U) NIS Oct'05 - (U) NCS Nov'05 - (U) NCPC Stand-up Dec'05 - (U) ODNI Civil Liberties Officer Feb'06 - (U) DEA joins IC Apr '07 - UNCLASSIFIED/ f (U) 2007 2008 EXCOM Jan'08 - (U) CNCI Jul '08 - (U) FISA Reform Jul'08 - (U) EO 12333

UNC!JASSIFIED / / J'OU<tproved for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 Boundaries on IC Activity • (U) Law, Regulations and Oversight - Confidentiality & Privilege - Conduct • (U) Resources - Competing Priorities - Access to denied areas • (U) Sustainability - Protection of Sources and Methods UNCLASSIFIED

UNCLASSIFIED/ /fOUC?pproved for release by ODNI on 04-11 -2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 How we can help Our goal: Provide vital information when you need it Create "Decision Advantage" - know more than your adversarythrough enhanced IC integration and collaboration (U) • (U) Provide Strategic/ Tactical Warning & Insight - Supply intelligence to inform a policy response to a challenge • (U) Identify Opportunities - Highlight adversaries' vulnerabilities - Provide key insights into secret plans and intentions - Facilitate sensitive initiatives to enable new policies • (U) Appraise Repercussions of Possible Policy Choices - Evaluate likely foreign leadership reaction to pressure and incentives • (U) Apply Analytic Expertise to Unique Information - Verify disarmament - Analyze possible future scenarios • (U) with adversaries' information flow UNCLASSIFIED

UNCLASSIFIED/ (U) for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 "We must address these risks and threats by integrating all elements of national power-defense, homeland security, diplomacy, development and intelligence." -- DNI Vision 2015 __Full range of customers UNCLASSIFIED// ='

UNCbASSIFIED / /FOUC?pproved for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 Planning & Direction (U) Dissemination . • Information Sharing . ...-"" - Briefings - Hardcopies - Electronic (U) • Requirements - Strategic •SEM •Budget - Tactical •Information Needs •Systems • Priorities - Semi-annual National Intelligence Priorities Framework (NIPF) - Tactical Adjustment [ti- • Feedback (U) l""""'1ll Collection • The "lnts" - SIGINT HUMINT GEOINT OSINT • osc •OSW •ARN • MASINT • Role of NIC-C /q , , i(u) Analysis & Production I -National Intelligence Managers I· Intelligence Integration I. Analytic Transformation - A-Space lntellipedia ______ LNI L ., . . 11l .. ·" Prdduction ' ' __. UNCLASSIFIED/ (U) Processing • Information Triage - Immediate dissemination of time-sensitive lead data • Winnowing Information for Distribution • Increasingly automated Systems • Metadata Tagging

UNCLASSIFIED/ for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 Utilize the IC: Getting Support • Your home agency's intelligence office can help you navigate the Community (U) - IC agencies have differing expertise • Intelligence should be push and pull (U) - We should flag emerging issues for you and answer your questions - Answers can be in a variety of forms: briefings, papers, graphics, etc. (U) Integration into your ''operational'' cycle brings success UNCLASSIFIED// r--·

UNCLASSIFIED/ /FOUE?pproved for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 Utilize the IC: Communication is Key • (U) Make requests specific - What you understand, and what you need to know • (U) Share your timeline - If a meeting or decision point is driving your question, let us know - Declassification or downgrading takes time • (U) Integrate the IC into your processes - Early integration of IC support will help all sides • (U) Feedback is vital - Your thoughts on our work help us refine our approach - National Security Information is everywhere; what can you share? UNCLASSIFIED

UNCLASSIFIED/ for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 Utilize the IC: Review & Release • (U) Some intelligence can be shared; some cannot - We will share reasons as to why information can or cannot be released - Efforts on-going to maximize "discoverability" of information • The originators of the information will consider many factors, including (U) • • Impact of information Sensitivity of the source or method Uniqueness/traceability to source Effect on external relationships Wording matters: less specific language and attributes are more likely to be approved (U) "Public Information" does not equal "Officially Acknowledged" (U) - The USG and your administration can suffer significant blowback UNCLASSIFIED

UNCLASSIFIED/ for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 Counterintelligence: Foreign Intelligence Services and You • • Your new position makes you a target (u) Foreign intelligence services (adversary and friendly) want to know what you know: (u) - They want to understand USG plans and intentions - This can help them thwart USG policy objectives • Foreign intelligence services have been tracking this election cycle like no other: (U) - This was the first change in the USG in eight years - The world has changed dramatically since 2000 - More services can get information than ever before UNCLASSIFIED

UNCLASSIFIED/ /FOUE?pproved for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 Counterintelli{!ence: What Services Did During Yle Campaign and What They Might Do Next • <U) Foreign intelligence services targeted the campaigns. They: Met with campaign contacts and staff - Used human source networks for policy insights - Exploited technology to get otherwise sensitive data - Engaged in perception management to influence policy • This exceeded traditional lobbying and public diplomacy <U) • What you might expect now: Probing personal questions Endeavors to influence your social/ professional associates Foreign government-sponsored trips abroad Efforts to give you electronic media Attempts at using third parties (groups or individuals) to influence your thinking on a subject Be Cautious-The reality of foreign intelligence operations is more nuanced and subtle than you might expect (U) UNCLASSIFJBOI I

UNCLASSIFIED/ /FOU<?pproved for release by ODNI on 04-11-2016, FOIA Case #DF-2015-00025 Counterintelligence: Some Precautions for Intelligence Threats • (U) Be mindful of electronic interception - Wireless devices are especially vulnerable • Don't use them for sensitive conversations • • Check for malicious software (Malware) before putting any foreign media into your systems (u) - Malware can be put on wireless devices, USBs/ thumb drives, and other media and then migrate to your agency system (U) Watch what you say - You could inadvertently reveal USG capabilities, plans and intentions You should not expect privacy in most foreign countries • (u) • - Hotel rooms and guest houses can be bugged - Just because it's not obvious doesn't mean it isn't happening (U) Contact NCIX or your local security office for tips on going abroad • (u) Contact the FBI if you have any CI concerns UNCLASSIFIED

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