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TOP SECRET//COMINT/TALENT KEYHOLE//REL TO USA, AUS, GBR January 2009 (S//SI//REL TO USA, FVEY) Two New Collection Assets to Greatly Expand MHS Target Coverage By: (U//FOUO) , Menwith Hill Station (F77) (TS//SI/TK//REL) Menwith Hill Station will accept two new satellites in 2009 – an ORION spacecraft and a NEMESIS spacecraft . The arrival of these new vehicles will give MHS greater flexibility in missions, surveys, and signals development efforts and provide opportunities for collection, discovery, and sharing. will also provide the Intelligence Community with an opportunity to use Overhead in a nontraditional way for a FORNSAT SIGDEV mission. Graphic is S/TK/REL USA, AUS, GBR Graphic is S/TK/REL TO USA, AUS, GBR (S//TK//REL) (TS//SI/TK//REL) currently has a launch date of 13 January 2009. After launch, Alice Springs Mission Ground Station will control as it deploys and drifts westward, with MHS gaining control 59 days later. - (S//TK//REL) MHS will perform testing and verification before putting the spacecraft into full operations. If the current launch date stands, will be fully operational sometime around mid May 2009. (Click HERE for larger image.) (TS//SI/TK//REL) ’s initial mission is a survey of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) line-of-sight microwave towers and emitters. will survey the area drifting from east for approximately 30-45 days. At east, will pick up its new primary mission from : Thuraya collection and Afghanistan/Pakistan exfiltration. (TS//SI/TK//REL) After spacecraft transfers the Thuraya mission to , will drift 0.1 degree a day west, continuing the PRC survey for approximately 200 more days. After completion of the PRC survey, will take on a new mission targeting Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, greatly expanding MHS’s target and coverage area. TOP SECRET//COMINT/TALENT KEYHOLE//REL TO USA, AUS, GBR

TOP SECRET//COMINT/TALENT KEYHOLE//REL TO USA, AUS, GBR 2.7 m Collection Reflector (S//TK//REL) (TS//SI/TK//REL) Currently, has a launch date of 11 April 2009. ’s mission will be Foreign Satellite (FORNSAT) collection from space – targeting commercial satellite uplinks not normally accessible via conventional means. will provide the Office of FORNSAT a “site in the sky” when denied a site on the ground for collection. Ground processing equipment is being put in place at MHS that can cover both drift/dwell and sustained collection. A2100 Commercial Bus 2.0 m Downlink Antenna 4x40 MHz Intercept Channels C, Ku, Ka Horns (S//TK//REL) MHS expects to have full operations on 85 days after launch. (Click HERE for larger image.) (U//FOUO) POC: (TS//SI/TK//REL) The arrival of and at MHS will open up new opportunities for discovery and will enhance collection efforts for the intelligence community into areas not previously explored. ) (U//FOUO) SIDtoday Editor’s note: This article is reposted from MHS’s Horizon newsletter, November 2008 edition. TOP SECRET//COMINT/TALENT KEYHOLE//REL TO USA, AUS, GBR

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