Special Source Operations corporate overview

Nov. 16 2016 — 7:36p.m.


TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 Special Source Operations Corporate Partner Access Briefed by: TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130

TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 Overall Briefing Classification Is TOP SECRET/ /COMINT//NOFORN//X1 TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 2

TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 Relationships & Authorities • Leverage unique key corporate partnerships to gain access to high-capacity international fiber-optic cables, switches and/or routers throughout the world • Collection on U.S. soil is conducted under three different authorities: • Transit Authority: Collection of foreign intelligence communications which originate and terminate in foreign countries, but traverse U.S. territory • Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA): Court ordered collection (NSA/FBI/FISA Court) • FISA Amendment Act of 2008 (FAA): Surveillance in the US when the target is reasonably believed to be foreign TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 3

TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 BLARNEY AT A GLANCE Why: Started in 1978 to provide FISA authorized access to communications of foreign establishments, agents of foreign powers, and terrorists External Customers (Who) Collection Access and Techniques (How) Information Requirements (What) Department of State Counter Proliferation DNI Strong Selectors Central Intelligence Agency Counter Terrorism DNR Strong Selectors United States UN Mission Diplomatic DNI Circuits White House Defense Intelligence Agency Economic Military DNR Circuits National Counterterrorism Center Political/Intention of Nations Mobile Wireless 2nd Party-GBR, NZl, CAN, AUS Office of Director of National Intelligence Partnerships (Where) Joint Chiefs of Staff Department of Homeland Security Office of Secretary of Defense North Atlantic Treaty Organization Military Commands (Army, EUCOM) NSA – SSO, TAO, NTOC, CES, A&P… Legal Authorities (Approvals) NSA FISA CIA CT FBI FISA FBI – Headquarters, NY, and DC FISA Amendment Act (FAA) FBI – Engineering Research Facility CI FBI FISA DOJ BR FISA Commercial Providers PR/TT FISA TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 4

TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 BLARNEY Domestic Court Orders India Afghanistan Intl Bank for Reconstruction & Dev (World Bank) Bank of Japan Domestic Bosnia & Herzegovina Iran Brazil Iraq Croatia Cuba Cyprus Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (N. Korea) Egypt Saudi Arabia European Union France France Germany Saudi Arabia Russia Sudan Israel Syria Italy Turkey Japan Uganda Jordan Mexico Ukraine United Nations Nigeria Known/unknown Agents of Al Qaeda & associated terrorists Pakistan Venezuela Palestine Liberation Org (PLO) Germany People’s Republic of China (PRC) Greece Serbia Lebanon Gabonese Republic (Gabon) Georgia Saudi Arabia Intl Monetary Fund (IMF) Worldwide (FBI) Yemen Republic of Korea (S. Korea) Russia As of July 2010 TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 5

TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 BLARNEY Access 70+ additional accesses across the U.S. from 30+ providers for Domestic Long Distance, ISP, and Data Center collections. NY DC LITHIUM ARTIFICE ROCKSALT SERENADE ISP1 ISP2 Multiple wireless providers TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 6

TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 FAIRVIEW At a Glance • Transit/FISA/FAA • DNI/DNR (content & metadata) • Domestic infrastructure only • Cable Stations/Switches/Routers (IP Backbone) • Close partnership w/FBI PINECONE SCIFd Centralized Processing Facility Peering Link Router Complex VoIP Router Complex Planned VoIP Router Complex Hub VoIP Router Complex Planned Hub VoIP Router Complex Program Cable Station Planned Program Cable Station Non-program Cable Station Rimrock 4ESS Circuit Switch Program Processing Site TOP SECRET // COMINT // NOFORN//20291130 7

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