Palantir Executive Summary

Feb. 22 2017 — 11:00a.m.


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Palantir is the market-leading analytical platform used at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels within the US government. Our clients span the intelligence, defense, and law enforcement communities. By combining a powerful backend with an intuitive frontend, Palantir enables you to execute your counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, counterintelligence, and counter-proliferation missions with greater speed and fewer resources. Palantir’s integrated platform is deployable today and at a fraction of the costs required for a comparable capability suite. [email protected] 1

KEY FACTS • Palantir is the market-leading analytical platform for CI, CT, CN, and CP, and is currently deployed across elements of the defense, intelligence, and law enforcement communities to include SOCOM, DIA, CIA, and JIEDDO • Palantir is ready to be deployed on your network today. It is approved for JWICS, SIPRNet, and CWE. • Our 100% open platform means Palantir will integrate seamlessly with all your legacy systems, all your current systems, and all your future systems. • With Palantir, operators have the ability to discover and explore potential connections using any type of information relating to any person, place, or event in their analytical environment. Whether that Explore entities, relationships, and events over time. data is from a laptop in the field, a headquarters database, or another agency, Palantir monitors all of an enterprise’s data sources, across security domains and classification levels, for any information that relates to a known entity (person, vehicle, communication device, etc.), place, or threat that exists in an operator’s environment. • From the outset, Palantir was designed with the input of operators and analysts within the IC and DoD. Their invaluable feedback has enabled the creation of a product that allows users to do more work, in less time, while also providing a higher level of analytic insight. • Palantir is designed to be used effectively to collaborate with a network of other users, including those forward deployed. Palantir has been designed from the ground up to make this type of distributed enterprise solution possible. • Palantir comes configured with the most sophisticated security model on the market. SUPPORTING YOUR MISSION NEEDS Palantir is the world’s leading enterprise analytical platform, enabling a secure analytical environment where analysts, operators, and warfighters can leverage disparate data types from multiple INTs, while sharing their workflows aand discoveries, to build knowledge over time. Palantir securely brings together data from message traffic, databases, field reporting, spreadsheets, word documents, XML files, and virtually any other format, enabling users to organize data into knowledge and make vital connections. Palantir Technologies understands the unique challenges faced by its users. This includes the need for large volume data discovery, collaboration, and controlled information sharing as well as the need to manage multiple disparate data sources and ensure continuity of information across rotations. [email protected] 2

OPEN PLATFORM • Designed from its inception to integrate with all legacy, current, and future systems • Palantir’s open APIs and flexible data model allow you to customize and extend Palantir, easily and without additional expense • Import data in any format: databases, seized media, emails, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, html, text, csv, xml, pdf, and more • Works with existing tools including: entity extractors, NLP toolkits, social network analysis, geospatial, or link analysis tools SEARCH AND DISCOVERY • Real-time, integrated search capability against user defined datasources • Search entities, events, documents, message traffic, pocket litter, links, and paths • Discover how entities are related, connected and networked • Explore networks conceptually • Develop and extract baseline entity/target patterns through pattern analysis • Complete support for foreign language content and searching • Set and save search parameters to proactively tip the user to new information as it becomes available ANALYTIC TOOLS • Analyze your data in the relational, temporal, and geospatial domains • Integrates with all GIS applications, including ESRI, Google Earth, WebTAS, and many more • Works with your imagery and video analytical systems, including your UAV footage • Perform geographic searches, understand how the data and intel look geospatially • Figure out why things are happening where they are View and edit detailed virtual dossiers that show relationships, properties, histories, images, videos, pocket litter and more. • Figure out where they are going to happen next • Understand how events are related over time and how entities are related to events • Identify and leverage patterns for predictive analysis • Perform social network (SNA) and link analysis • Export analytic results with full sourcing information • Assemble presentations and targeting/case packages automatically [email protected] 3

COLLABORATION • Collaboration has been part of the product since inception • Users can share data, shoeboxes, folders, filters, and investigations, all subject to access control • Build networks faster, understand overlap, track changes to all data and assumptions • Identify and form ad hoc Communities of Interest • Easily identify collection gaps EXTENSIVE ACCESS CONTROL AND SECURITY • Supports open discovery: the system identifies other existing relevant data associated with the users query • Supports closed discovery: the system can restrict discovery to users thereby protecting sensitive sources and methods and mitigating CI risks • With Palantir’s Access Control Model, sensitive information can be compartmented and secured COMMITTED TO EXCEEDING YOUR EXPECTATIONS We are a product company. We provide the best product on the market at the very best value. We stand by the product. An investment in Palantir is all inclusive. When you buy our product, you get everything you could possibly need to make Palantir work for you, including training, support, and scalable infrastructure that meets your technical requirements. SCALE • Palantir is designed to scale cost effectively Quickly create knowledge and structure from message traffic. • Easily handles 100s of millions of entities, events, and documents BASIC TECHNICAL INFORMATION • Interoperability via SOAP and web services • Web deployable • Works over low bandwidth or satellite connections • Works without connectivity through periodic re-syncs [email protected] 4

• Conforms to SOA • Scales on commodity hardware TRAINING • Palantir provides a series of customer specific, mission specific training videos to allow for just-in-time training and easy access to refresher material • Palantir is the easiest to use application in this category. One day of training is all that is required—we understand that you have a job to do • Palantir will conduct training anywhere in the world where you need us. Training is included with the product MAINTENANCE/SUPPORT • No special personnel required or excessive overhead • Responsive on-demand support and service to forward deployed units 24/7/365 at no extra cost • Celebrated, mission focused support: if you need us, Palantir will be with you anywhere in the world, at any time Detailed analytical trails allow analysts to visually see the lines of inquiry they are working on and return to any previous postion. [email protected] 5

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