NSA Policy and Trade Surveillance of Japan

Apr. 24 2017 — 8:51a.m.


DWAMIC PAGE -- HIGHEST POSSIBLE CLASSIFICATIDN IS TIDP SECRET SI TE REL TD USA PLUS CAN GER MEL 1+ The International Security Issues Bu?d??ut FROM: Global Capabilities Manager. ISI Run Date: Eli-"l .i'is the Analysis Production Mission Build lEtut Strategy was originally envisioned, International Sectuity Issues (ISI) mission was to remain primarily based mWashington However, as other product hne mission plans began to mature. opportunities for ISI to expand its mission capabilities opened. Planning is underway that will involve ISI participation inbuild?out activities with Georgia Hawaii- Texas and the European Security The ISI mission is ?trther extended by its relationships with 1:6 and Second md Third Party foreign partners that provide valuable analytic insights as well as their technical capabilities. (U) PISA. Washington Mission Regional ISI is responsible for 13 individual nation states in three continents- One signi?cant tie that binds all these countries together is their importance to US. economic, trade. and defense concerns. The Western Europe and Strategic Partnerships division primarily focuses on foreign policy and trade activities of Belgitun France. Germany, Italy, and Spain- as well as Brazil- Japan and Mexico- The division reporting also provides some lcey intelligence on military and intelligence activities in some of these countries. The Aegean andUl-rraine division worlcs all aspects of the Turkish target diplomatic, governmental-leadership, military and intelligence-

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