Apui Holdings Ltd – Notice of transfer or transmission of shares

May. 22 2017 — 2:32p.m.


7720 7/2 Form 1' No. of Company: 77091 A A er? COMPANIES ACT, 1995 1 7 NOV 2016 Notice of transfer or transmission of shares Pursuant to Section 120 Name of Company: Apui Holdings Ltd. Delivered by: Mr Christian Farrugia (Fenlex Corporate Services Ltd.) To the Registrar of Companies: Apui Holdings Ltd. hereby gives notice in accordance with Section 120 (3) of the Companies Act, 1995 that one thousand one hundred and sixty-five (1,165) Ordinary shares having a nominal value of one Euro each have been transferred as indicated hereunder. Name and Address of Name and Address of transferee No. of shares Type and transferor transferred I Ciass of transmitted shares Fenlex Holdings Services Ltd. Mr Marcelo Hasson Chebar 1,165 Ordinary (Registration No 22030) (Saint Kitts and Nevis passport no. RE0019911) 85, St. John Street Rua das Amomeiras, No. 78 2, Valletta VLT 1165 Lisbon 1250?024, Malta Portugal The above transfer of shares has been registered with the company on the 10th of November, 2015. Signature Mr Adrian Mercieco Company Secretary Dated this 10th day of November of the year 2016.

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