Queiroz Galvão International Construction Company Ltd – Annual return

May. 23 2017 — 3:08p.m.


Hal/9'6 1 DEC 2mg SEVENTH SCHEDULE - . NEE-.5 A.N1ES (Article 184) 1 9 DEC 2015 65-129? Company No: 42196 CONTENTS AND ORM OF ANNUAL RETURN Annual Return of: Queiroz Galvan International Construction Company Date to which this return is made up: 22nd day of August 2016 (beingthe anniversar the com an 's dareo registration) i 1. Address (Address of the registered of?ce of the Company) Level 5, The Mall Complex I The Mall Floriana FRN 1470 Malta

2. Summary of Share Capital All Maltese liri amounts are to be preceeded by the symbol Lm. Symbols used for other currencies are to be indicated (where applicable) Currency Symbol UMt?i?l.Statiip?ll?f?umm . USS NOMINAL SHARE CAPITAL Nominal Sham capital U33 500990 diVided ??01 WW Shares 01" U35 each WW 511? 65 01? U33 . 63?11 Shares of U315 each WW WW shares 01? 03$ each shares of USS each shares of each ISSUED SHARE CAPITAL Number Class Number of shares of each class taken up to the Ordinary .. . shares date of this return (which number must agree shares with the total shown on the list as held by shares existing members). shares shares shares Number of Shares of each class issued as . shares partly paid up and extent to which each such issued as paid up to the extent of share is so paid up. per share. .. .. Shmes issued as paid up to the extent of per share. .. . Shares issued as paid up to the extent of per share. issued as paid up to the extent of per share. Number Cfass Total number of shares of each class forfeited. WW .. shares shares ShaIes . . . shares Total amount paid [if any) on shares forfeited. U33

3. List of Past and Present Members List of persons holding shares or stock in the company on the date to which this return is made up, and of persons who have held sharesor_st_ock therein atany time Since the date of the last return, or in the case of the ?rst return, of the registration of the company. i i Account of Shares Particulars of shares transferred or transmitted oausa Folio in register Number of Fhiams mortis since the date of the last return, or, in the case ledger containing Names and Addresses held by ex15t1ng or" the ?rst return, of the of the company - Remarks members at date by. persons who are Still members and persons of return who have ceased to be members (in case ofa body corporate, its registered office) Number i registration of transfer Iimbauba International 6533 Ordinary 9953mm Chambers 80x71 .ROW islands . I. I _2 Craigmuir Chambers PD. 71 3817 Ordinary .. . 3 Skeerest _150 Ordinar}I Craigmuir Chambers P.O. Box}! Total: 10500 The aggregate number of shares held by? each member shail be stated. and the aggregates must he added up so as to agree with the number of shares stated in the Summary ot'Share Capital and Debentures to have been taken up. it When the shares are divided into different classes these columns should be sub-divided so that the number of each class heid, transferred or transmitted cause mortis may be shown separately. Where any shares have been converted into stock the amount ofstock heid by each member shall be shown The date of registration efeach transfer or transmission cause mortis shall be given as well as the number of shares transferred or transmitted cause monis on each date. The particulars shalt be placed opposite the name of the transt?cror and not opposite that ui?rhe transferee. but the name cfthe transferee may be inserted in the "Remarks" column immediately opposite the particulars of each transfer. (The word 'transferor' shall mean the deceased and the word shall mean the heir or legatee, in the ease oftransrnission cause mortis).

Particulars of Directors Particulars of the persons who are directors of the company at the date of this return. Name (In the case of an individual, name or names and surname. Nationality (In the case of a body corporate, its registered of?ce) in the case of a body corporate, the corporate name) TavaresPereir?aFelipe .. . Rio de JaneirofRJ Brazil Av. Rodolfo Amoedo, 105, APT anion da Tijuc Rio deianeiroiRJ. Brazil BraZilian gua?lmirante Lebiong CEP: 22440-000 __Medeiros Brechbuhlerlf'auig?esar Rio Brazil .. .Brazilian Brazilian Mend-es marinade BL 1, APT 1202 Sac . Rio de JaneirolRJ Brazil

In the case of a body corporate, the corporate name) Tavarcs PorciraFelipc (In the case of an individuai, name: or names and surname. Particulars of Company Secretary Particulars of the person who is company secretary at the date of this return. ?t Usual F?sidential address (In the case of a Izod}r corporate, The registemd or principal office) Nationality Jacaranda da __P_eninsula, 1000, 3L2, AP902 Barra Tijnca, CEP: {Rio de Janeiroz?RJ 313an Mr): Signed

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