Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-09-07

May. 27 2017 — 11:44a.m.


SITREP September 2016 IOWA On arrival met with - Project Manager for Iowa Overview of pipeline project Expected completion date of pipeline is end of 2016 {full operations] - Not sure how realistic this target date is however the date should not extend much beyond the end of the yean Overview of how the pipeline project is broken down with regard to construction. Met with Silverton International - Lead is- - has 5 personnel on the ground as of today, will be 2 personnel by end of the week. Silverton international is contracted by Energy Transfer Partners. The Silverton Statement of Work is basically ?make the client happy? Observed - have not interacted with at this point, with Security Resource Corporation (SRC). These personnel are basically the standard of Mall Cops. They are unarmed, uniformed, and subvstandard. These guys are making an average hr plus time and half over 41] hours. Working an 34 hour week - 12s}. per diem of $4deay plus hotel. Leighton - Leighton is NOT a licensed security company in Iowa, they have a business license. What Leighton is doing is basically coordinating with multiple law enforcement agencies to provide off-duty law enforcement personnel through the various departments. There are 22 posts being covered during primarily evening and some daylight posts. There are approximately 125 LEOs rotating through these posts based on availability of personnel. Leighton was originally contracted by Precision Pipeline (they guys actually laying the pipe) to provide nighttime over watch of the pipeline laydown, staging and field sites. Leighton has subsequently been contracted by Energy Transfer Partners - and his guys) to provide armed security by mobile, roving patrols in spread 3A and the Huxley Pump station {spread 3 - static} Under Iowa law, LEOs cannot work for a private security company, they can work off duty. Still gathering details on how that works. There are a limited number of personnel within Iowa who are availablefinterested in working armed security, hence the Leighton people working the off-duty coordination roll. The off duty LEGS are a bit pretentious and are not playing well regarding their reporting of locaitons, times, etc. This will need to be reined in in order to establish RTISA-R.

Operational Observations and Recommendations: Observations: 1. There needs to be a clear 50W fromffor all companies working under this project. right now there is not and a lot of verbal direction (scope creep}. The Corporate Management (Joev) needs to designate a single entitv to act similar to a CDRIKD so that all securitv companies are under a unified command structure. Liabilitv aspects need to be addressed: a. Rules for the Use of Force for ALL securitv elements with legal review. b. Licensing and Credentialing of all securitv personnel. c. Reporting structure. Communications from a tactical perspective are inadequate. a. Need to Use Whatsapp going forward immediatelv (secure) b. Need to establish a reporting chain, currentlv SRC has this responsibility but it is fragmented and not concise. c. Need to get the platform up and running and get all contracted securitv personnel on an App d. Use of IridiUm devices might be required based on sketchv coverage, current cell coverage is best accomplished bv use of ?v?erision. e. Use of platform will allow will for instant tactical and strategic information sharing for decision making. Including adding client distro lists for notifications. f. Need to clarifv and solidifv a Dutv Log Liabilitv Management. STRATCUM Needs to be both a tactical and strategic messaging from the client that drives the message that we are the good guvs, tell the real storv and address the negative messaging with good counter messaging. Need a Social Engagement Plan that dovetails with the messaging; what is doing to improve the social, economic, political environment in the affected areas. The Chain of Management needs to be consolidated as mentioned earlier. Clear lines of communication and management will make this flow much smoother. Knowledge Management needs to be addressed for both lessons learned and collection of documentation for liabilitv management after the fact.

9. Need to establish the number of TOCs that we have to establish: a. Need a main TUC at Corp HQs in Houston b. Need a Jump TDC in Des Moines c. Need a Jump TUC in Bismark d. As work is completed either of these can displace as required. 10. Need to establish with Silverton International and the Client what the information collection effort is: a. PIRs b. IRs c. 0le 11. Review of total nLImber of sub-contractors Under DPAL: a. Iowa i. SRC - ii. Per Mar iv. Silverton International b. North Dakota i. 10 Code ii. Leighton

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