Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-09-22

May. 27 2017 — 11:38a.m.



INFORIVIATION IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS The Highlights The Details 1. SITUATIDNAL PDATE A. Significant Events Last 24 Hours TigerSwan North Dakota Fusion Center - Conducted Archeological suryey oftop soiled area from just west of Hwy 1806 wet for approximately 2 miles {Operation Point Break 4} 38 total SHPO, Staff Archeologist, LEO, Security, and DAPL personnel moyed to, conducted suryey and recoyered without incident, accident or emergency. - Conducted oyer flight of same area with SH PO Arch eologist Staff Archeologist and security cameraman - Williston area {spread 9} security remains in place NSTR i MandanfBismarck area {spreads 6, 2} daily operations along the ROW supported. SITUATION Vehicles from the Standing Rock Spirit Camp continue to patrol HWY 1806 at high rates of speed, actiyely searching for DAPL employees. Beginning 19January social media tapered off; currently information from within the camp remains limited. On 20 September 2016, at approximately 1500 hours, a demonstration was held at the Mandan City Hall. The protest was attended by approximately 150 personnel, to include members ofthe Standing Rock Tribe, Red Warrior Security Elements ofthe Pine Ridge Sioux, American Indian Moyement Polynesian protestors, and Palestinian protestors. The protest proyided DAPL security and local law enforcement an opportunity to identify seyeral in diyiduals and Vehicles being used by the protestors. I 21 September Scout Vehicles for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe are actiyely patrolling HWY 1806 at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. - 21 September Dissention among protestors within the Spirit Camp is increasing. Non?yetted sources state that protestors are not included in the planning of future protests and are often only noti?ed hours before departure of location and time. Planning and execution of protests is primarily controlled by the Red Warrior Security Elements ofthe Pine Ridge Sioux and facilitated by Cody Hall. Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 1

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETRRY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS TigerSwa 21 September Red Warrior tribal security continued to conduct training events in preparation for security operations. 21 September and active AIM member, was extradited back to Nebraska to face federal charges._ was being held in the Morton Count jail awaiting extradition, and was the subject of the protest at the Mandan City Hall on 20 September from 1500 to 17'00 hours. 21 September A handful of protesters interrupted the oil industry meeting in Minot, North Dakota. Police escorted protestors off site; no arrests were made. 20 September Protesters departed Standing Rock Spirit Camp at approximately 1445 hours in a convoy of roughly 40 vehicles. An additional convoy of 20 vehicles departed from the Standing Rock Reservation nearly simultaneously. 20 September The Red Warrior security apparatus controlled over 200 protestors as they moved from the Morton County Jail to the Mandan City Hall. The methods used, such as three tier security, use of concealed radios, and crowd control suggests military or law enforcement training. Currently there are several former military personnel residing within the camp. The extent of the Red Warrior training or who provides the expertise for the training events is currently unknown; however, a non- vetted source, with first-hand knowledge stated that Cody Hall leads the security force training events from within the Red Warrior Camp. 20 September - Haithem El-Zabri a Palestinian activist from Austin, TX, attended the protest in Mandan with three additional Palestinians from California who are allegedly associated with the Palestinian Youth Movement. Summary Social media continues to give little indication or warning of planned protests or locations. The protester security is actively patrolling local highways and pipeline work areas in search of DAPL employees. Yesterday?s protest in support of? the AIM member incarcerated in the Morton County Jail, was a controlled event. The security for the protestors was provided by the Red Warrior Tribal security forces, who demonstrated military and law enforcement tactics. As the protester security gains additional knowledge of security tactics and operations, the ability to gather information about planned protests will diminish. Information control within the camp, despite causing dissention, makes any internal source information dif?cult to acquire. Furthermore, the presence of additional Palestinians in the camp, and the movement?s involvement with Islamic individuals is a dynamic that requires further examination. Currently there is no information to Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 2

INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS iy. suggest terrorist type tactics or operations; howeyer, with the current limitation on information flow out ofthe camp, it cannot be ruled out. Iowa Fusion Center Actions yesterday, by Ed Fallen {Founder of BOLD and his entourage are assessed to be reconnaissance for potential ayenues of approach and target selection of DAPL work sites. Ed Fallen posted photos, yideo and a write?up on his action on his site, Fallonforum.cem. He describes the actions as a new tactic he is calling or Bold Action Teams. The goal ofthe BATs is fer small teams to step work when eyer and whereyer they can. Mr. Fallen sees yesterday?s eyents as a success and will likely continue this new tactic Webster, Boone and Story counties. Boone County Sheriff?s office was noti?ed about Fallon?s pest. Boone County Sheriff?s office said that they would inyestigate, and iflegal action was possible, they would take it because of the undue burden Fallen and his members haye put on the sh eriff?s of?ce due to the fact that they haye to continue to respond to our calls of his harassing the customer?s pipeline workers. Illinois Fusion Center NSTR Heusten DSOC NSTR Anticipated Significant Events?Next 24 Hours i. North Dakota Fusion Center TigerSwan Working on the administratiye requirements regarding manning and accountability for both security and construction, expect to haye that completed and fully operational by end ofthe week. Preparations to begin construction operations in the ?contested? area as soon as the TRO is lifted. Planning for Iowa Fusien Center Protesters staging 1.26 miles almost due ofthe drill site. All points are marked on the TS platform. All three sites {to include the pretest training site} start with "9?22?16". CCI and Bold Alliance centinuete post information pertaining to the protest on 22 SEP 2016 in Boone County {Midwest Mobilization}. Weather may affect the outcome and participation metrics due to a 60 percent or high er chance of rainfall in Boone County. Expect to see more social media actiyity regarding the anticipated protest in the next 24 hours prior to the demonstration. Des Mein es Catholic Workers is assessed to be a major nexus of support for Anti?DAPLeperations. A number of Bold Iowa and CCI meyed into campingr'staging areas around Pilot Mound as of 1300 CST 21 September. Detectiye 1 has identi?ed at least three efthese indiyiduals by Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 3

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS name. l'vleskwaki and Saskatoon tribal members have been reported at these camps, however this Is not 1vet confirmed Illinois Fusion Center I NSTR iv. Intelligence Update 1. Currently working development of ID campaign with Apex Intel team and Robert Rice. 2. Continue seeking out positive, propaganda and media more inclined to encourage other protesters to commit sabotage than do it himself. Ongoing Sources 1. Twitter feed: Pi. 2 Standing Rack Sioux Tribe Pacebook page 3. Bakken Pipeline Resistance Facebook oaae. Twitter: @NoBairken 4 iowo Citizens for Communitv improvement Facebook page, Twitter: @iawacci 5. Boid iowa Paceboak page, Twitter: @Baid Town 6. Veterans for Peace: Face-book paae v. Operations Updates i. North Dakota Fusion Center I NSTR ii. Iowa Fusion Center I Iowa Fusion Cell will be collecting information at the protest tomorrow by having members both in the protest and observing from a static position that was reconsidered todav. Reports to follow if applicable. Illinois Fusion Center I NSTR iv. Houston DSDC I NSTR 2. PUBLIC RELATIONS A. Negative i. Article: "Briefing: Dakota Access Pipeline?s Massive Government Subsidies? a. Claiming ETP and Enbridge avoided paving over $650 million in taxes in 2015, in addition to other subsidies ii. Article: ?Analvsis: Companv Behind Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline Has Record of Spills, Propertv Damage? a. Claims ETP is responsible for 29 pipeline safety incidents since 2006, in which 9,555 barrels of hazardous liquids were leaked TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 4

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS b. References US DOT Safetv Administration data B. Positive i. "Even the Democratic Candidate for Govern or of North Dakota Savs Protesters Have Lost Credibilitv? 3. PROJECT ADMINISTRATION I. begin handover with current PM Shawn St-veenevr ii. arrived North Dakota Fusion Center on Thursdavr (9(21l2016) on-board this Thurs (9,122,12016) Going straight to ND to get a feel for ground operations 4. OTHER (LOGISTICS, RECOMMENDATIONS, COMMENTS) Tigervaan Prepared for Energvr Transfer Partners

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