Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-10-16

May. 27 2017 — 11:37a.m.



INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS The Highlights North Dakota 3 Large convovs consisting of 225 protestor vehicles attempted to access work sites using three separate routes. Convovs were stopped bv law enforcement. Iowa 2 ofthe previouslv?departed leaders and? of the Mississippi Stand movement have returned to camp. I Protestor bail in Lee Countv has increased to $2,000, which will hopefullv impede protestors from risking arrest due to the increased cost. 4 pieces of DAPL construction equipment {3 bulldozers and 1trackhoe} were burned in Jasper Countv. Initial reports indicate that this arson was verv similar to the last attack in earlv August. BATs obstructed work at 5 work sites, resulting in 3 arrests: Ed Fallon,? and an unidenti?ed third person. I Calhoun, Boone and Webster countv law enforcement are not supportive of DAPL Securitv?s mission. Their reluctance to arrest or cite trespassing individuals has signaled to protestors that their actions will result in few?if anv?consecluences. The Details 1. REGIONAL UPDATES A. North Dakota i. Intel Update a. NSTR ii. Past 24 Hours a. Protestor attach ed himselfto equipment at AR125. b. 3 Large convovs consisting of 225 protestor vehicles attempted to access work sites using three separate routes. 1. Convovs were stopped bv law enforcement 2. Workers evacuated when law enforcement said th ev mav not be ableto hold 3. Protestors began activities verv earlv in the morning. 4. Protestors walked in cross countrv to get to work site. 5. Land owner and son patrolling their land near access road 125 armed with Mil stvle rifles. c. Law Enforcement continues to have static checkpoints in place 1. Law enforcement able to set up roadblocks to block all convovs 2. 14 Arrests made bv law enforcement 3. Workers returned to sites as soon as possible Next 24 Hours a. Continue to support at worksites along ROW and static DAPL sites off the ROW. TigerSwan Prepared for Energv Transfer Partners 1

INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS b. B. lewa Centinue planning with law enforcement fer suryey crews te suryey frem 80 te HDD by Wednesday 19 Octeber 16. i. Intel Update a. - and - back at Mississippi Riyer Werk Site 1. and? are repertedly back at the Mississippi Stand camp site. Signi?cant because the leaders ef the Mississippi Stand meyement haye returned te the camp and will likely start planning mere direct actiens. -I was alse seen phetegraphing the barbed wire areund the HDD site mest like suryeilling fer future direct actiens. Pretester?s wish list includes security hats and yests. 1. Pretesters may be attempting te ebtain security guard uniferm cempenents te pese as security guards and gain access te sites. Bail meney in Lee Ceunty has increased te $2,000 1. Significant because this may impede pretesters frem risking arrest due te the high cest te be released frem bail. On their legal funding page, the meyement dees net haye nearly en eugh men ey te pay fer multiple $2,000 bails. Beld lewa peeple ef interest:_ and Beth decumented the Reid lewa Beld Actien Teams threugheut the day heayily en secial media, specifically twitter. 1. We can new fellew these indiyiduals? secial media pages fer infermatien abeut upceming eyents. is helping cen struct leck be:~:es er sleeping dragens fer Mississippi Stand and states he urinating in fuel tanks. 1. This ties Beld lewa with Mississippi Stand. In additien,_ may be willing te de future equipment sabetage like putting sugarf'sand in fuel tanks. ii. Past 24 Heurs a. TigerSwan DAPL lCenstructien Equipment burned in Jasper Ceunty, yicinity Rea sner 1. WHO Unknewn at this time altheugh a white sedan described as appearing te be a Ferd Fecus {unknewn plates} was sighted near a nearby welding shack {apprekimately 1/2 mile frem the site ef the fire} which was guarded by Leighten Security. 2. Feur pieces ef equipment tetal haye been burned, 3 bulldezers and 1 trackhee Initial reperts indicate that this arsen was yery similar te the last attack in early August in that the equipment fuel filters were used te start the fires. Se fa r, reperting indicates that this is the exact same MO {Methed ef Operatien} as the early August attack. 3. WHEN Initial reperts receiyed at IA Security Fusien cell at appreximately midnight en 15 Octeber 2016. Prepared fer Energy Transfer Partners 2

INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS WHERE Initial reperts place it appresimately 1?3 mile frem a welding shack en spread 2 near Reasner. 5. WHY ?We will centinue te update as infermatien becemes ayaila ble. 6. Currently the scene is lecked dewn by the Jasper Ceunty Sheriffand will likely remain se until thefire marshal examines the site. We will haye twe persennel trayel te the site early in the merning {departing Des Meines area ?0600 16 OCT 16} te attempt espleitatien ef the site when giyen access. b. Keekuk Stands with Mississippi Stand Rally 1. Appeared te be abeut 4D peeple at eyent but was used te gain metiyatien and spread werd efmeyement. i. 1119 Vehicle stepped by security and leeked as theugh he was geingte get eut te cenfrent. One middle aged man in a blue truck with IA license plate. This is mest likely a landewner. ii. 1415 and Aaren Jergensen?Briggs seen taking pictures ef pumps at Mississippi HDD werk site. 1600 One driyer taking pictures ef pipelines at 260th and 520th Aye. He was teld te leaye and then cemplied. iy. Appres.1?UU? Beld Iewa Beld Actien Teams in Calheun, Been e, and Webster Ceunties. b. BATs ebstructed werk at 5 werk sites tetal, after a main pretest en Red Oak in Calheun Ceunty. Three arrested: Ed Fallen,? and unidentified third persen. Stery Beard te Fellew. Werk Sites ebstructed: 1. 280th and Xenia 320th and Da keta Nerridge 290th and ?r?erk 390th and 169th i. 1?26? Middle aged ceuple in silyer SUV seen ebserying and peinting at cen stru ctien site in Beene Ceunty. IA license plates. ii. 1??13?Mississippi Stand HDD site had an attempted step and heek up efa truck. It was stepped befere pretester ceuld heek up due te an effectiye escert team. 17?53? Pretesters detained at Mississippi Stand fer attempting heek up, including Aaren Jergensen?Briggs, and ene additienal unidentified female? passed effte Lee Ceunty Sheriffs. c. Beld Iewa?s BAT tactic was unfertunately successful ted ay. Werk was stepped at seyeral sites and used up a let ef eur reseurces. LE was net suppertiye ef eur missien fer the mest part and did net want te arrest er cite these whe were trespassing. Calheun Ceunty LE ?nally arrested indiyiduals when they laid dewn in frent efthe pipe truck. The issue here is that pretesters are learning there is little LE will de te impede them. We need te werk cleser with Calheun, Beene, and Webster ceunty LE te ensure future pretesters will at least be fined, if net TigerSwan Prepared fer Energy Transfer Partners 3

INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS arrested. Alternatiyely, we could request Lee County LE speak to other counties about tactics that are working in Lee County such as threatening to tow all yehicles andf'or increasing bail for protestor directions to $2,000. Ifthe lock down tactics of Mississippi Stand and the BAT tactics of Bold Iowa were to join forces, it would seyerely impact our mission Next 24 Hours a. Protestors do not haye a scheduled eyent for the next 24 hours. Howeyer, Mississippi Stand may attempt a direct action tonight 15 lOct or early tomorrow morning 16 Oct. C. Illinois i. Intel Update a. A search of social media sites reyealed nothing of new intelligence yalue related directly to the project in Illinois. b. Th ere was not enough localized support to hold any protest actiyity in the Carlinyille, ILarea. ii. Past 24 Hours a. Went to the Carlinyille, IL, no protest actiyity was obseryed as earlier discussed on a social media site. The Hancock County Sheriff?s request is being addressed by ETP management. Leighton Security, will be procuring a for use around the Kaskaskia HDD locations for access to remote trails that access the location. Next 24 Hours a. Monitoring news sources and social media sites for protest related eyents and actiyity will be conducted daily. D. South Dakota i. Intel Update a. The schedule for Pheasant shooting hours are noon to sunset for the ?rst week, and 10:00am to sunset thereafter. Signi?cant because this proyid es 5 hours of daylight before each day?s hunt begin s--allowing the roying patrols freedom of man euyer for a longer period than expected. Safety briefs haye continued with the Silyerton Security Element so as to mitigate the associated risks. b. Positiye interaction with the Silyerton Guard Force after they haye been in sector for a number of days. Local patterns haye been obseryed and are starting to be understood as ?normal actiyities? which makes it significantly easier to identify abnormal actiyities. The main hindrance is the presence of hunters who don?t fit either bill. ii. Past 24 Hours a. Trayel from the new Hotels to the Spreads is enhanced from the new hotel locations. The close proximity of the hotels allowed Roying Patrols more time in sector and therefore better coyerage of the facilities. TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 4

INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS b. the Silyerten PM, deliyered funds fer gaseline purchases te the team in Aberdeen and the team in De Smet. He will deliyer the funds te the team in Sieus Falls either temerrew er Menday. c. SD PM cenducted persenal inspectiens ef static guard pesitiens and 1 reying guard patrel in the nerthern secter efthe pipeline, 'y'ic the Launch and Receyery site in Rescee, SD. d. Silyerten Security Team cenducted reying patrel eperatiens acress all three Spreads within the Seuth Da keta secter; persennel security eperatiens en sites with electricians, the Sieus Falls DAPL effice and the Redfield Pump Statien. e. Talked te? Michels? Spread 5 Fereman, this merning as te the status effencing eperatiens en yalye pesitiens. He stated that nene were ready, the scatter repert stated that 65, T0, T4, T6 are readyfer fencing. I discussed with him and Jehn Perter the QRT teams that are geing te be installing Actiyaters frem te SD 110. This is a part that needs te be replaced fer seme deficiency. It is eccurring speradically aleng the line and it takes abeut an heur en site te accemplish. It is my estimate currently, that they de net need dedicated full time guards. Next 24 Heurs a. SD PM will cenduct the meye te MPL 156te ceerdinate Reying Patrels and the Turn Cempany werking en the yalye sites.?, the Spread 5 Fereman reperted that altheugh Michels? empleyees de net werk en Sundays, these teams will be eut deing their specialty werk. This is impertant fer the sake ef ensuring that eur Reying Patrels de net suspect them te be sabeteurs. The Silyerten leadership has been directed te inferm eyeryene in the security element that the Turn Cempany will be in secter. Their engagement efth ese werkers is impertant se as te maintain pesitiye persenal relatiens and the preyentien ef escalatien ef ferce unnecessarily. E. Heusten DSOC i. Centinued suppert ef Fusien centers and intel requests ii. Updated Pattern Analysis te maintain awareness ef pretester trends acress all states TigerSwan Prepared fer Energy Transfer Partners 5

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