Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-11-05

May. 27 2017 — 11:37a.m.



INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS The Highlights It's suspected that ND protestors will liker attempt to lockdown the access points to the Mever Property in order to prevent work. Further investigation into documents found at Camp 1 demonstrate that the ND protestors are evolving and showing signs of greater organization Tribal Chairman Archambault met with U.S.A.C.E vesterdav. Still awaiting press release of results In IA, Jerrv Brewer?the landowner that hosted the Mississippi Stand Camp?announced that he will be running for governor in hopes of halting the pipeline if he wins. Four Chicago universities held protests vesterdav, converging at the USAGE office downtown. There were 300+ protestors in attendance, demonstrating an increase in anti- DAPL sentiment at the local level. The Details 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A. North Dakota i. Intel Update a. Law enforcement reported protestors bu ving chains, pipe, and quikcrete at Lowes this morning. 1. Analvst comment: Most liker course of action is to use these items to build Super Boxes to lockdown on the pipe, on the ROW, or to lockdown outside the access points to the Mever Propertv in order to prevent work. b. Law enforcement has individuals who are trained to counter this protestor method. 1. Th ev specialize in cutting protestors out of lockdown methods safer and efficientlv. c. Exploitation of documents found at Camp 1 on 10f2?f2016 1. The overall ?ndings demonstrate that these protesters are evolving and sh owing signs of organization. 2. These documents highlight support networks from within and outside the state of North Dakota. 3. The documents validate a concentration of leadership and the fact that the protesters are conducting training prior to arriving to North Dakota. The document mentions tactical formations, role plaving, techniques and procedures as well as logistical requirements before coming to ND. 5. Of most concern were the ?Earth First? magazines found on the camp. These magazines promote and provide for violent activities. ii. Past 24 Hours TigerSwan Prepared for Energv Transfer Partners 1

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS a. Meeting between Tribal Chairman Archambault and U.S.A.C.E. b. Awaiting press release of results c. Protesters have acquired a permit to protest at the Morton Countvr LEC at 1800 hrs. tonight d. Law enforcement issued a Code Red at 1600 hrs. to bring in responding officers to deal with the planned protest. e. Protestors continue to winterize Camp 2 f. More protestors are arriving in the camps g. A boat was seen arriving at Camp 2 todavr h. Protestor probed the wire in place at AR113 1. Fled the area when DAPL securitv Helicopter arrived on station i. Reinforced the HDD site j. Construct HLZs in the vicinityr of the HDD site k. GPS locations for northern evacuation route I. va 1806 bridge will remain closed until engineers take core samples and the bridge passes an inspection Next 24 Hours a. Protestors plan a prayer on va 1806 tomorrow morning at 0900 hrs. b. Social media reporting states there will be 100 horse riders present c. Tensions will remain high as DAPL workers continue efforts on the ROW East of HWY 1606 d. Continue static securitvr efforts around Fortress Forward e. Continue to reinforce wire plan on the north side of the Mever Propertyr f. Reclaim used wire along redeplovr wire to reinforce wire around HDD site and the perimeter B. Iowa i. Intel Update TigerSwan a. does interview with Redacted Tonight, a YouTube-based news source 1. - reiterates the storvr that she was arrested "on her own Ian d? while protesting the pipeline 2. Will be a source of propaganda for protesters 3. Link: Gerald {Jerry} Brewer running for governor 1. The landowner that hosted the Mississippi Stand Camp on his land announced he will be running for governor in hopes that if he wins, he can halt the pipeline and future pipelines in IA Sacred Stone camp has the least amount of Native Americans, likerr where MS members will attempt to set up their self-su staining camp because MS leaders have expressed disinterest in working with Native American elders Prepared for Energvr Transfer Partners

INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS d. Bold Iowa posts story about the effects of drilling under the Des Moines Riyer on nearby landowners 1. Landowner Ken Phipps claims the drilling causes ?yibration [that] literally shakes the walls of our house and is causing frequent headach es.? 2. Phipps also complains of the loud noises from the drill 24F, that the pipeline may affect the gas line, and that the boring equipment is not safe to be around 3. Significant because by introducing this propaganda, this further indicates that Bold Iowa is refocusing its efforts to the Des Moines Riyer drill site e. leayes with his U?Haul of supplies for Standing Rock tonight.- - accompanies him. Supplies bringing include 1. Cold weather gear, tarps, propane, horse feed and medicine, non? perishable food, goggles, and milk of magnesia {for protection and treatment of pepper spray} f. Jesse Hornetrayeling to ND this weekend ii. Past 24 Hours a. Finalized security handoyer at fixed sites throughout IA ADR b. Continued security drawdown and switch to patrolling format; will be complete by Noy 7? Next 24 Hours a. Continue security drawdown and switch to patrolling format,- will be complete by Noy b. Prepare to secure the Des Moines Riyer HDD site during the upcoming pipe pull on Sunday {delayed multiple times}. The primary security concern during this pull will be ensuring mobility of trucks moying mud and cuttings from the hole to a dump site approximately three miles away. C. Illinois i. Intel Update a. Continued progress in link analysis between anti?DAPL groups in greater Chicago area and Springfield A0. A multifaceted eyent occurred in Chicago today from four uniyersities? locations which led to a conyergence on the Army Corps of Engineers? Of?ce in downtown Chicago. Intel reports haye discoyered as many as 300+ actiye protestors in attendance. As a result ofthis protest, intel has found no less than three new anti?DAPLgroups andfor organizations loosely or directly working with Standing Rock anti?DAPL efforts mostly impacting North Dakota. b. Analysis ofnegatiye PR in greater Chicago area was yalidated by protests and demonstrated a strong and radicalized anti?DAPL sentiment in the greater Chicago area that may impact local opinions and project efforts. Manifestation of the anti?DAPL sentiment will be continue to be monitored closely ii. Past 24 Hours TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 3

INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS a. Op order issued for active protest events in greater Chicago area. Intel data mined protestors vvho con?rmed attendance for Warrior event via Facebook calendar. Securitv established effective methods for camera placement and image collection database Next 24 Hours a. Follovv up vvith kev leadership in attendance of anti?DAPL movements in greater Chicago area and Springfield AO via OSINT. Intel and Securitv vvill revievv surveillance package derived from anti?DAPL protests in greater Chicago area vvhich most liker vvill have an impact andfor dictate the progress ofthe pipeline project in Illinois. D. South Dakota Intel Update Tigervaan a. On Point Securitv guards from the Redfield Pu mp Station reported that at approximater 10:30 this morning a Green Chevrolet Suburban, SD plates, -, approached the Redfield Pump Station from the vvest at a slovv rate of speed. As the vehicle passed bv the Pump Station it turned into the east entrance. The guards moved their vehicle from the vvest side and encountered the Green Suburban as it vvas stopped inside the vvest entrance. When informed that thev vvere on private propertv the guards asked vvhat thev vvanted . The tvvo men stated thev vvere ?ju st looking around?, thev then left and headed back to the vvest tovvards Highvvav US 181. The tvvo men vvere of medium height and vveight, middle age, vvith dark complexions. One had grev hair and the other vvas mostlv bald vvith a goatee. It is believed thev were of American Indian descent, as thev were not black, Indian or appear to be Hispanic. Because ofthe unusual speed at vvhich the car traveled the road, thefact that it has not been seen before and the attempt to enter the Redfield Pump Station, it is believed that this vvas a reconnaissance ofthe position and it?s securitv capacities. The assumption should be made that personnel kn ovv vvhere the pump station is and the fact that it is not stronglv protected {ie vvith barriers}. The fence line around the Pump Station appears to be complete atthis time. It is suggested that a copv of the Threat Assessment that vvas made bv Silverton personnel be made available to South Dakota securitv forces so that considerations of the recommendations can be revievved. At approximater 11:00 hours todav, an On Point Roving guard approached an individual at valve site SD T0, in a vvhite Tovota IL plate_ The individual identified himself as Garv Tomlin, a free?lance reporter vvho vvas follovving the pipeline. This is the same individual identi?ed in the SITREP a fevv davs ago in Iovva and Illinois that he vvas moving alongthe entire pipeline. He attempted to intervievv the guard, but was informed that am not authorized to Prepared for Energv Transfer Partners 4

INFORMATION IN THIS REPORT IS AND DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND RECIPIENTS discuss these matters with vou?, the guard then provided contact information to the SD On Point PM. The man then moved offin a northeasterlv direction, presumava in the direction of 'v'alve SD65. The man tried to call the SD On Point PM, but as he was on the phone with the guard, the message vvent to voicemail. When he retrieved the voicemail, the SD PM contacted Tiger vaan Intel assets for an assessment of Sara; Tomlin. The Spread 6Team Leader was informed that the individual would soon been in his sector. Movement of Spread ETeam was conducted so as to intercept andx'or observe Garv Tomlin?s movement through the South Dakota sector. c. The Spread Steam leader approached Garv Tomlin at SD 50 and asked for identification. He produced a motor vehicle driver?s license and it was recorded on camera, the car and the license plate were also photographed. During this interaction the Spread Steam Leader observed a map that the individual was marking vvith pipeline information as to valve locations. He had apparentlv missed the Launch and Receiver site that is close called Garv Tomlin and informed him that he should contact 'v?ickv Granado, The ETP media relations manager. He was thankful for the information and stated that he was interested in intervievving securitv personnel when he arrived at the camp in North Dakota. It is mv belief that San; Tomlin is hiding his true intentions and that he has a plethora ofinformation to provideto the protesters. It is estimated that he will arrive in North Dakota on the evening of the 4th or morning of the 5th. d. The Dailv Plainsman nevvspaper had tvvo articles todav on the pipeline. It is entitled, ?If Dakota Access pipeline were to move, Where would it go?? The article starts off stating that President Obama has raised the possibilitv of a reroute ofthe four?state Dakota Access pipeline. It appears to be a fairlv balance vievvpoint on the su bject, but bv it sheer mention of the possibilitv it could verv vvell be vievved as a ?victorv? and open the door to more talk about a re?route. The second article was entitled, ?Clergv join in Dakota Access pipeline protesters for ceremonv?. The article gives the impression that ?clergv? are joining the cause and therefore it legitimatizes it, but the onlv clergv discussed or quoted are from tribal connections. This article is an opportunitv for protesters to leverage as legitimacv for their actions. ii. Past 24 Hours a. On Point Securitv Team conducted securitv operations in sector to include: roving patrols of all three Spreads, securitv for electrician crevvs in ?1 locations, 24;? securitv at the Red?eld Pump Station and securitv at the DAPL of?ce in Sioux Falls. Operations were conducted to intercept Garvr Tomlin, a reported free?lance reporter in the South Dakota sector. Next 24 Hours a. On Point Securitv elements will conduct securitv operations in sector. SD PM and On Point PM will conduct circulation for standards enforcement. Tigervaan Prepared for Energv Transfer Partners 5

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