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May. 27 2017 — 11:35a.m.


TigerSwan Solutions to Uncertainty?? Daily Intelligence Update 2 November 2016 . afar-?31153 Prdip. -

Executive Summary A. North Dakota: -Previous 24: -Law enforcement called and requested wire for Backwater Bridge area at 0730 hrs. ?Request approved was approved and law enforcement emplaced the wire around the bridge area to prevent foot traffic on or around the bridge -Wi re was emplaced on top of Hescos at HDD site -Additional wire being emplaced throughout the perimeter to reinforce security posture -Four foot Hescos topped with wire and dirt berms are being emplaced along the pull pipe on the south side of the false ROW -Protestors had a significant buildup of personnel, horses, and vehicles at all of the camps ?No protestor offensive activities of note today -Developed a complete operational plan for the HDD site and surrounding A0

Executive Summary -Next 24: - Tensions will remain high as DAPL workers continue efforts on the ROW East of HWY 1806 - Continue static security efforts around Fortress Forward - Continue to reinforce wire plan on the HDD site and the perimeter of the Meyer Property - Bridge on Hwy 1806 north of the camps will remain closed per law enforcement - Continue parallel planning with law enforcement for securing the HDD A0

Public Relations A. Positive Sheriff?s Association continues to publish positive news stories and show that the protest movement is no longer peaceful or prayer full. B. Negative - Protesters propaganda is being used to blame everything on law enforcement and DAPL. Protester propaganda is being fashioned to gather a national and international following for I. Red Warrior Camp Samuel Jackson video North Dakota Pipeline NEWS Salmon video


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Weather and Light Data Tonight Sunday Sunday Monday Monday Night Night Mostly Clear Mostly Sunny Partly Cloudy Sunny Mostly Clear Low: 38 High: 67 r"?F Low: 44 High: 59 Low: 35 TOI'Iight: Mostly clear, with a low around 38. Southeast wind 5 to 8 Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 67'. South wind 7 to 14 mph, with gusts as high as 24 Sunday Night I Partly cloudy, with a low around 44. South wind 7' to 10 becoming west after midnight Monday: Sunny, with a high near 59. Northwest wind 9 to 16 mph, with gusts as high as 26 Monday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 35

Significant Activities Large buildup of people and vehicles at Camp j??tll I . ah. I. II

:jficant Activities Cont?d New Camp or extension of Camp 4

Mississippi Stand Protestors Arrived Today - Kevin Gilbert, key metivatien al leader for Mississippi Stand caravanned with a small group to MD - Gilbert liker did not want to wait for the rest of MS because they are still waiting on the funds to allow them to travel to ND and set up their own camp - Gilbert arrived with a 20? U-Haul full of supplies Gilbert states th ey are ?rst going to the Oeeti camp to drop of the supplies, but will liker go to other camps as well - Gilbert does not have the same issues with Native Americans as other pretesters such as

q- . 0' .e rofest 3 "Sta 1% . . - .W. t?

Analyst Comments 'Protesters all appear to be peaceful and motivational-only, most likely will not attempt any direct actions 'Most of the people in the caravan are locals from IA (Cedar Rapids) and likely to return soon after dropping off supplies, except Gilbert who is likely to stay as he is a career-activist - Protesters in caravan may have visited and/or provided support to MS camp, but were not MS members/did not camp there -Few of the protestors have anything on their social media about or Standing Rock

Busloads to Standing Rock Protesters are attempting to organize buses for protesters in other states to travel to Standing Rock (22 YO) initially made post on 4 November indicating that an anonymous donor donated money for buses of 50 people each to travel to Standing Rock claims the anonymous donation is from an individual connected to two men from the press Buses will not be dispatched until 50 people sign up for any given state Priority for transport is given to Native Americans, but non-natives are still allowed to sign up Return transport may be available, but it is preferred if you either stay the winter or arrange for your own transport home The earliest people can be bused is 10 November Link to Video Announcement

States with Pages For Buses - Salt Lake City, Utah - tab=disoussion Guests 66 interested 16 going 171 invited - Edwards claims Utah already has 50 people and enough for 2 buses - New Mexico - - Guests 126 interested 27 going shared with - Additional post from: ?November 3 at 8:01pm got a chat group going with about 40 one of the members got a hold of Antoine Edwards Jr and there is an estimated departure date of Saturday. Waiting for more details to oome tomorrow but will have an update posted here. Be ready for the 505 to Standing rook, let's ride!? - Washington D.C-. Hosted by: DC Aotion Group Stand with Standing Rook - 007741 1626693261! - Guests 7 Interested 0 Going 1 shared with - Wichita, Kansas -Wiohita Smoke Signals to Standing Rook Noda.. - - Guests 2 interested 1 going 1 invited

Possible Other Bus Locations - Arizona?No event pages but support group: ps/1 23784904763831/ (Closed group) - Seattle- ?General support group 158 members - Green Bay, WI ?No events but 200 people at rally on 1 Nov, so could have the 50 needed - Oklahoma city- No event pages, but fundraising account for winterization - Michigan- - New York- No events but two ride share pages ?http:// noda plridesha res.freeforu ms. net/boa rd/87/nevv-York 368903859/

Analyst Comments - states 300 people have signed up, but the form is private so there is no way 0 confirm - In general, people are commenting that they do not want to stay for winter and will only go if they can have a confirmed ride home States with highest participation and most likely buses are Utah and New Mexico - Buses can be expected to arrive sometime between the 10th-14th - Many people are upset that the announcement states the priority is Native Americans - The initial video post was just made yesterday, 4 November, so it is possible other states will start making their own event pages

. of All Camps pa- - jcar'np?2A 151

-Wh -v9h Wh Assessment at we know: Protestors are organizing legal efforts through informal law experts within their camps There are divisions within the camps Natives vs Whites and inter-tribal conflicts) Protestor have established a new base of operations right across the river from the Hueyer Property which they are using to probe law enforcement and DAPL security responses The rioters do possess weapons and some small groups are openly discussing explosives and using violence to stop construction Protester leadership continues to manipulate peaceful protesters through misinformation Protestors have gained national attention and awareness Donations to rotestors are increasing due to the growth of support nation wide and international Protestors have continue probing other DAPL properties and facilities supporting the DAPL project searching for a new target Protestors from ?Mississippi Stand? in IA are believed to be in North Dakota at we do not know: Number and type of weapons in camp When and where the next event will occur and how many rioters will attend Have not confirmed Command and Control at events Intent behind probing missions at we think: The protestors will continue to protest locally and nationally in order to stop the pipeline from going under the river. Importance: DAPL security and law enforcement have control of the HDD site and the bridge leading from the camp to work area. Loss of control of this area could cause a work stoppage or delay the move into the HDD site. If the protesters continue to protest nationwide they may gather enough media attention to cause a halt in construction.

Priority Intelligence Requirements - 1. Any compositional info on aggressive protest groups. It is important to weed out non-aggressive groups as they will drain our resources in the wrong direction with no effect to our client. - 2. Planned moves or activities of these groups as they intersect with our client specifically. - 3. Other non-direct actions that intersect with our client?s operations to produce indirect effects (for example: Social Media postings from remote sites) should be included in collection. -4. Political backing of the protest groups, such as the Green Party candidate. - 5. Corporate backing of the protest groups. - 6. Local sympathizers providing support, logistics, and potentially shelter for those committing criminal acts. -7. Cyber-activists: Name (real or alias), location, IP addy, IMEI numbers. - 8. Any movement of the client leadership to TS sites.


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