Internal TigerSwan Situation Report 2016-11-10

Jun. 3 2017 — 3:23p.m.



INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS The Highlights While reinforcement of the HDD and final ROW construction continued without interruption in ND, another case of arson occurred in IA. Unlike the two cases in Jasper County involving use of fuel from the equipment?s fuel filters, this incident involved igniting a of varnish and oil in the cabs of the machinery, damaging 21k excavators, a dozer and a side boom. The FBI is involved in the case along with local law enforcement. Another angry landowner is suspected vice MS or Bold IA. The Details 1. EXECUTIVE UM MARY A. North Dakota i. lntelUpdate a. is circulating a false press release on social media to portray Dakota Access in a negative light. a DAKOTA access, LLC FDR RELEASE November 3. 2016 D?tota Access Statement on the US. Army Corps of Engineers the statement released last night by the Army Corps was a mistake and the Army Corps intends to rescind ii. To be clear. Dakota Access has not voluntarily agreed to halt construction oI me pipeline in North Dakota. Dakota Access has now completed construction of the pipeline on each side or Lake Dahe and is curenlly n'kmilmng hon rontal (tilting equ'pmmt to the box site in preparation lot the tunneling under Lake Dane. Dakota Access expects tha1 its moorltzatron or equipment will he completed over the next two weeks and that it wilt commence arming activities upon completion oI mobilization. Dakota Access remains con?dent that it will receive the easement tor these MD strips ol land adjacent to Lake Dane ll'l a time ltame that will not result in any signilicant delay in proceeding drilling acttviu'es under Lake Dane. Dakota Access previously received a permit from the Army Corps with respect the tunnelrnp activities under Lake Dahe and Dakota Access has all other regulatory approvals and land rights to cornptete the crossing at the Missouri Rwer at Lake Dane. use b. Protester morale has deteriorated due to the presidential election results as had publicly appealed to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline project. ii. Past 24 Hours a. Protestor activities did not interrupt pipeline construction. TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Tran sfer Partners

a. Tensions will remain high as DAPL workers continue efforts on the ROW by the HDD site. b. Maintain static security efforts around Fortress Forward. c. Continue to reinforce HDD site and perimeter of the Meyer Property by building gates on the pullback pipe crossoyer points and emplacing wire on dirt beams. d. Parallel planning continues with law enforcement to secure the HDD. e. Bridge on Hwy 1806 north of the camps will remain closed per law enforcement. B. Iowa i. Intel Update a. The main protester groups in IA are not likely linked to the equipment ?re in Buena Vista County. b. MS stayed most recently at the Elk Rock State Park public camp ground in Kn oxyille, They are likely planning their next direct action for the Indian Creek HDD and the DSM Riyer HDD sites. c. The Bold Iowa Farmers Defense Camp members haye court tomorrow for their direct action arrests and requested people come out to show support. Some will likely be requesting a jury trial. d. MS has nearly raised the funds necessary to make the trip to ND for the winter. e. Ed Fallon of Bold Iowa spoke at a conference in the Winn ayegas Casino in Sloan, IA. Speeches focused on climate change, the election, and the situation in ND. Only 20-30 people appear to haye attended. ii. Past 24 Hours a. A tie-in crew?s equipment Itwo excayators, a dozer and a sideboomI caught ?re at pipeline access point 3 in Buena Vista County. The ?res reportedly were set with coffee cans ?lled with oil and yarnish. The fusion cell met with the LE agencies inyestigating the suspected arson. TigerSwan Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 2 INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS b. Continued to reinforce HDD site and perimeter of the Meyer property with trenching, hescos emplacement, and wire through out the perimeter. Built gates on crossoyer points on pullback pipe. Protesters continued to probe the 1806 north bridge and Turtle Hill areas. 1. LE turned back a swimmer attempting to reach Turtle Hill. 2. Protestors remoyed the burned Vehicles from the ridge. Next 24 Hours

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS Accelerant left in the seat of a side boom that did not burn. .5: b. The fusion cell positivelyr identified the MS mobile direct action camper in Knoxville, IA. Next 24 Hours a. Iowa fusion cell will continue to liaison with all agencies investigating the suspected arson fire. C. Illinois i. Intel Update a. Black Lives Matter Chicago and protestors from other Chicago-based Standing Rock groups are attending each other?s protests. An anti-DAPL protest is planned for 12N0?v' in Chicago. b. NODAPL Illinois is now a closed group on ii. Past 24 Hours a. Continued link analvsis efforts for persons and groups of interest. b. Surveillance Camera program continues. Next 24 Hours a. Monitor ongoing protests in Chicago in response to the election results. D. South Dakota i. Intel Update a. The landowner at SD 190 confirmed? as an anti-DAPL entity that posts #NoDapl propaganda on social media and visits sites regularlyr claiming the same false storvr of being a landowner. She is a distant relative but is not allowed on anyr propertv. ii. Past 24 Hours TigerSw an Prepared for En ergvr Tran sfer Partners 3

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS a. Security questioned a- (Texas after she photographed the pump station. She produced a business card from Genscape stating he was a field engineer there to suryey electricity use. She had yisited nearby houses and took pictures from the road. She did not attempt to gain access to the pump station. b. South Dakota passed IM-22, an anti-corruption act that attempts to deny lobbyists from giying secret gifts to politicians. Anti-Dapl groups in South Dakota are considering this a "win? for their moyement. Next 24 Hours a. On Point is communicating directly with electricians to coordinate the escort cam paign. b. PM will work with On Point to deyelop check-in roster for security personnel. 2. MEDIA PDATE "Army Corps of Engineers asks Dakota Access to honor federal request to yolu ntarily halt construction? by Staff Reporter 09NOV16 TigerSw an a. Link: equ est?to?yolu ntari alt?constru ction? 400624001htm . John W. Henderson, the District Commander of the Omaha Corps, stated that he has asked Dakota Access to honor the Do], DA, and Dol joint request to yoluntarily halt the construction of the pipeline and that he an tribal leadership haye agreed to "proactiyely exercise the leadership necessary to diffuse tensions between demonstrators and law enforcement." Analyst Note: The article mentions that the tribe will be setting up a winter camp for the protestors on the reseryation but does not reyeal whether Col Henderson, as custodian of the land currently occupied by protestors, will moye to shut the camps down once the reseryation can proyide for the protestors. "Another Setback For DAPL As Norwegian Bank Rethinks Funding? by Julianne Geiger a. Link: . Summary: DNB, a Norwegian bank, is reyiewing its inyestment of $342.36 million (this inyestment represents 10% of the project total) in the DAPL project. Additionally, the National Local Goyernment Pension Fund which manages the pensions of 650,000 Norwegians, is also reyiewing its inyestment in companies that own DAPL. Norway?s Oil Fund which holds inyestments in seyeral companies which own DAPL are also reyiewing their Prepared for Energy Transfer Partners 4

INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS REPORT IS PROPRIETARY AND SENSITIVE DO NOT RELEASE OUTSIDE OF AUTHORIZED AND APPROVED RECIPIENTS investments and stated that they haye an expectation that the companies in which they invest will respect human rights. c. Analyst Note: This reporting indicates that the protestor strategy of targeting thefunding stream for DAPL is having an impact. Such a review is unlikely to affect the current project as the money is likely already lent and spent, but it may affect willingness to lend for future projects. TigerSw an Prepared for Energy Tran sfer Partners 5

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